Proud to be British- What Does This Actually Mean?

By Luke Miller Truth Theory

Proud to be British- what does this actually mean? What is there to be proud of?

When I say “British” I mean all that Britain gave birth to also. We colonised the world! So the US, Australia etc. is Britain.

We committed genocide in “native” America and called it discovery.

Genocide in Australia against the aboriginals and we called it progress.

We are still doing the same thing to this day in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, just to name a few.

Our British emblem is a unicorn (which is a metaphorical representation for freedom, fantasy, creativity and magic) with a chain wrapped around it throat, with an angry lion next to it. I would argue the emblem is satanic.

We are run by psychopaths who have no interest in serving anyone apart from those directly above them in the financial hierarchy.  What is even worse is we actually vote for these people.

Everything British is based around money- our health care (while giving the illusion of being free) is all about money.

Shelter, which should be a basic human right has been monopolised in a big part by our unelected monarchy, who are supposed to be in service of the people.

We actually live in a place where it is normal to work most of your life, so you can barely afford to survive, all because people from certain families own everything. For no other reason other than they feel they deserve more than the rest of us.

You can’t even park your car in the street without a machine demanding you pay £5 an hour for the privilege.

Freedom does not exists in this so called democratic state. So if you ask me am I proud to be British, I will say no! But I am proud to be human, and I know it is a leadership problem, not a human problem, and the whole time there is air in my lungs (and even after) I will do all I can to reverse this unfair system that is created to oppress the majority.

We as the people are powerful and we will change things the moment we decide to stand up and be counted. Our choices matter and the sooner we empower ourselves to make better choices that serve humanity in its entirety, the sooner we can all excel.

Stay vigilant, don’t tolerate less than you deserve, don’t sit by and watch the less fortunate be oppressed (even if it doesn’t affect you), give more than you take and love unconditionally. If you are doing this you are the change that is needed in this world.

Much love to you all! Luke

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