Posey County Cops Brag About Cannabis Raid The Internet Quickly Puts Them In Their Place

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The post shared from the Posey County Sheriff’s facebook page brags “a job well done” the comments quickly sent the post viral.

The Facebook status made this past Friday reads:

“Over 50 pounds of marijuana will not be delivered to the intended destination thanks to Deputies Montgomery and Brock. The deputies intercepted the marijuana bales and other paraphernalia on I-64 early this morning. The deputies became suspicious while dealing with a driver during a property damage collision. Keeping it off the streets, accolades to both Deputy Montgomery and Deputy Brock. JOB WELL DONE!!”

Given the nature of this plant- which if consumed responsibly is for the most part is harmless, the internet quickly picked up and the post went viral with some great responses from onlookers:

Some comments highlight how ridiculous the officers look:

Why pose with it like a trophy kill? You look like idiots. It’s pot. You aren’t saving anyone.

Really? This is what you’re wasting time and money on? Enforcing an unpopular law? Is Posey County still stuck in 1962? Dancing against the law there as well? You look really foolish.

Don’t break your arms patting yourselves on the back for your bravery and heroism in getting this killer plant material off the street!

Maybe when you are done chest bumping you could find some time to work on actual crime……with actual victims.

JL chimes in with a comparison to prohibition

Wearing a costume doesn’t make you any less of a terrorist or a thief. When prohibition ends, you cats are going to be on the wrong side of history. As it is, taking away freedoms from citizens for a plant that’s literally more benign than coffee makes you a terrible person.

Many commenters added the fact that cannabis could curb the current addiction to opiate based pharmaceuticals

With the opioid epidemic destroying your state and the news marijuana can help curb this epidemic…. Do you think you did a good job? Cannabis helps, this hurts

Of course they know, that’s why they keep going after cannabis so hard. They NEED the opiate epidemic to escalate so they can justify their own existence. Problem, reaction solution.

Yes, marijuana is illegal. Yes, marijuana is a plant. Marijuana, however, is not illegal because it’s dangerous. It’s illegal because we live in a society that only cares about money. The medicinal benefits of marijuana alone would cause big pharmaceutical companies hell. Use your brains, sheeple. MARIJUANA IS NOT DANGEROUS. Sick people make money. Why give someone a product that’s biggest side effect is hunger when you can prescribe them a medication that’s side effects will cause you to have to write 5 more outrageously expensive prescriptions to treat the side effects?

The sad thing is these cops probably think they are doing the right thing

OMG are there still places in this country where they still arrest people for weed? What a backwards state and county. And you can tell these poor cops are proud of this like they did something good.

This comment managed to add all the points and humor in one winning the internet

I for one am glad they are keeping it off the streets. Imagine all the sitting around, chilling, eating pizza, and other non violent acts that would be committed if this plant had been allowed to fall into the right hands. Not to mention people not becoming addicted to opiates because they use it for pain management.

You boys are doing Bob’s work. The only thing missing from this story is a no-knock raid in the middle of the night at the wrong address where you shoot a 12 pound dog because you feared for your life. But you’ll get your chance next time.

Many states in the US and countries worldwide have made cannabis legal, add to that the fact that it has been shown in its many forms to be medicinal, maybe it is a time to rethink it legality. Please share if you agree!


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