Porsche Announces Plans To Develop ‘Flying Sports Car’

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By Fattima Mahdi Truth Theory

With uber and GM developing a fleet of self-driverless cars ready to launch in 2020, the future of transportation is imminent. In anticipation of a shift in the transport market, there are now a handful of companies working on designs for flying cars. The shift in the transport cars In April 2017, Aeromobil, a flying car company revealed its first edition of the futuristic vehicle. Though tech industry giants like Elon Musk state that there is “no real future for flying cars,” Aeromobil have already started taking preorders for shipment in 2020. “Flying can be far more exciting than driving on the road. It‘s not just about the non-existent speed limits in the air; breathtaking landscape views await from excellent vantage points. With AeroMobil you know that you can travel in almost any weather conditions, but if you choose not to fly, you have the luxury of putting your hands behind the wheel of the car,” reads their website.

Porsche global sales chief, Detlev von Platen recently announced that engineers are working on a flying sports car. “It’s very early stage at the moment, but this could be a development which I believe personally would very well fit to Porsche. We looked around and we didn’t see it so we decided to make it ourselves,” he said.

“Imagine having this kind of object being able to fly on its own completely from A to B,” said von Platen, “but also enabling the passenger or pilot to take control for a certain amount of time, if it stays within its [performance] envelope. This could be a Porsche.”

Porsche will face competition from Volocopter, a German start-up that is also developing flying cars for mass production. “We want to make humanity’s dream of flying come true and help modern cities resolve their increasing mobility issues.”

Though we won’t be seeing any vehicles take to the skies for at least another 10 years, we are certainly approaching a new age in transportation. As Porsche’s North American CEO explained, “Urban environments are jam-packed. We need to find answers to that problem, and one answer is the third dimension.”

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