Popular Cosmetic Company Selects Young Woman With Down Syndrome As Ambassador

gnfnfdnCredit: Benefit

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

This is one of the very few cosmetic brands moving in the right direction in the 21st century. Benefit Cosmetics recently hired a 20-year-old girl as one of the models for their eyeliner. The company’s values were highlighted in the fact that they did not discriminate against this excellent model with Down Syndrome.

Kate Grant recently advertised Benefit’s Roller Liner Eyeliner on social media. The fans of the company and many others were in awe of her beauty and talents and greatly appreciated the company’s ideas of inclusivity.

One mother also commented on the Instagram page how it means a lot for her and all such mothers who have children with Down Syndrome. She expressed her gratitude for featuring the beautiful girl and applauded their gesture of inclusivity.

Benefit Cosmetics told TODAY Style how they had enjoyed seeing Grant’s journey of overcoming obstacles to become a model. After the video last year, the company was looking for ways to work with her.

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Benefit found Grant’s energy and determination praise-worthy. They said that Grand embodied the values of the company and hence they had to get her on board.

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Benefit hopes that their gesture will establish how the beauty industry ought to be more inclusive and feature people who come from varied backgrounds.

The Irish girl herself is thrilled to work with Benefit as well. Kate Grant’s one of 4 “wing women” Benefit chose to promote their latest eyeliner.

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Kate Grant’s mother told Metro how Kate always wants to be an inspiration for others with disabilities. Grant wants to make people aware about inclusion in all industries. Everyone deserves a chance, especially the ones with disabilities.

This girl is not stopping any time soon. Her Insta page has her goals for the year which include making appearances at Paris as well as London fashion weeks and being on the cover of a magazine, all the while spreading awareness about inclusivity and diversity.

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