Police Officer Sees Homeless Man Trip On Shoes, Gives Him The Ones Off His Feet


By Mandy Froelich / Truth Theory

If you pay attention, you will notice that acts of kindness occur regularly all over the world. Sometimes, the good deeds go unnoticed. But every now and again, they are highlighted for the public to appreciate. This story is the latter.

In mid-June, Officer Brian Zagorski of the Niles Police Department in Illinois saw a homeless man wearing tattered shoes with worn-out rubber soles. As the man walked down the street, he tripped. This prompted Zagorski to offer assistance.

Officer Zagorski approached the man and struck up conversation. He then inquired about the individual’s circumstances. As GoodNewsNetwork reports, the officer offered the man a bag of toiletries which were supplied by the a community assistance program. The man declined, however.

He still wanted to help, so the officer asked the man what his shoe size was. As fate would have it, they wore the same size. Without missing a beat, the Officer Zagorski took off his shoes and gave them to a homeless man. Reportedly, he inquired once more to determine if there was anything else he could do to help.

Afterward, Zagorski strolled off — happy and shoe-less. “I was happy,” he told WGN-TV. “I made a difference, and that’s essentially what we sign up to do, is to make a difference.”

The officer has not seen the man since the exchange but will be keeping an eye out for him. He told the preess that he hopes to continue lending aid, should the opportunity arise.

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Perhaps the story is propaganda to proselytize support for the police department. Or, perhaps it’s simply a good story highlighting a positive deed. Whatever the case, we believe it deserves to be shared. Please comment your thoughts below and share this news!

h/t GoodNewsNetwork

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