Police Officer Asks Woman To Sit in Hot Truck After She Left Her Dog Inside [Video]

Woman Cop punished me like a dog YouTube

By Mandy Froelich / Truth Theory

In 2014, a controversial event took place. On a particularly hot day in Truth or Consequence, New Mexico, Officer Vincent Kreischer noticed a dog left alone inside a parked truck. After confronting the owner, he told her to sit in the cab of the truck while he issued her a misdemeanor for animal cruelty. The video has since gone viral because of the controversial method of handling the situation.

KOB News reports that on a day when temperatures soared beyond 90 degrees Fahrenheit, Officer Kreischer was driving around. He noticed the dog locked inside a parked truck in front of a supermarket, so he waited for the owner to return. When she did, he says she behaved in a “callous and care-free” manner.

As she was questioned, the woman said she had only left the dog for 10 minutes. This prompted the officer to inform her that on a day with such scorching temperatures, it was likely 114 degrees in the cab of the truck. She argued about the statement then “shrugged it off” with a laugh.

Because she didn’t seem to sense the seriousness of the situation, Officer Kreischer wrote her a ticket. Meanwhile, he asked her to sit inside the truck because it wasn’t that hot, after all.  “You can wait in the truck and close the door you know, since it’s not that hot,” he said.

When reporting the incident, he said: “She gives me an attitude from word one, and then she doesn’t want to close the door. So I’m like, ‘Oh, but it’s OK if your dog does.’” 

Watch the video below:


After receiving the ticket, the woman filed a complaint. She called the officer’s actions “abusive.” As you can view for yourself, however, the attention seemed to backfire. Furthermore, the cop’s method of handling the situation remains controversial

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