Police Interrogation Backfires: Joey Carbstrong – From Criminal To Vegan Activist


By Fattima Mahdi Truth Theory

Our past doesn’t matter. All that matters is the life we choose to lead in the present.

Joey Carbstrong is a 29 year old Australian Activist for the rights of animals everywhere, including those slaughtered for human consumption. His mission is to educate the masses on our own hypocrisy – regarding the irrational difference between ours views towards the animals we keep as pets and the animals we’re fed.

Just four years ago this man was living his life in a criminal gang, consuming copious amounts of drugs and alcohol. He’d even served time in prison. However, sobriety opened his eyes to the world he’d created for himself, at which moment he chose to embark on a journey toward delivering a true service to society. “I was sober, having this massive realization about all of the things that I’ve done.”, he said in an interview with internet magazine LIVEKINDLY. His time in prison allowed him to reflect on his past actions and his introspection gave birth to a new mindset.

Today, he runs a YouTube channel with a series called ‘Joey vs the Public’. Inspired by raw foodist Dan McDonald’s preachings, that eating death manifests itself in ones body as disease, in the Youtube series, Joey heads to the streets to hold constructive discussions with members of the general public on meat consumption. Occasionally, he’s been met with resistance (or, at the very least, cynicism) but his calm, laid back and diplomatic approach to discussion  is very disarming, and would force even the most staunchly carnivorous to think about their views on meat consumption.

Even the police couldn’t help but listen…

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