Police In Indiana Allowed People To Pay Traffic Fines By Donating Cat Food

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Most of us love animals of all kinds, no doubt about that. But there are some people out there who would buy or adopt a pet under the glamour of ‘I have a cute dog/cat’, and then start neglecting them when it interferes with their way of living. And that, needless to say, is something that the innocent animals don’t deserve.

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But there are certain organizations involved that help these animals in need- sometimes by taking them in, or finding them appropriate shelter. One such is the Muncie Animal Care and Services based in Indiana.

Recently, they teamed up with the Indiana City police to bring out quite an innovative idea- donating cat food to let go of parking ticket. 

How Did This Come By? 

Well, it isn’t easy for an NGO to work on its own without any help or funding from other sources. Similarly, Muncie was facing a problem regarding the overwhelming amount of abandoned kittens and lack of shelter/food/money to keep treating them. This is when the police stepped in with the idea that people would pay their parking fines in the form of donating either money or cat food to the animal shelter.

Both the police and the animal shelter decided to highlight and propagate their idea on social media with a list of objects one could donate. It included blankets, beds, wet canned food, cat food amongst others.

The police went one step further and provided with a cell number for those who would not be able to drop it off at the police department or the shelter. A police officer would come to collect them from you!

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The program lasted until June 19th, but it was nevertheless a brilliant plan. And people on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook applauded it.


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Images credit: Muncie Animal Care & Services , Senthil Kumar


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