Pigcasso The Rescue Pig Raises $145,000 For Animal Rights Through The Sale Of Her Paintings


By Mandy Froelich / Truth Theory

Meet Pigcasso, a pig prodigy who barely escaped the butcher’s block. In 2016, she was rescued from a livestock farming by Farm Sanctuary SA. Today, the pig is a world-class artist and activist. In fact, she has raked in over $145,000 to benefit the sanctuary and animal rights efforts through the sale of her artwork.

GoodNewsNetwork reports that shortly after Pigcasso was rescued, she was presented with a variety of toys and objects to play with. The pig immediately took a liking to a set of paintbrushes.

This prompted her rescuers to set out some non-toxic paints and canvases. With the freedom to express her creative side, Pigcasso revealed her true colors.

Each of the pig’s paintings bears her “signature,” which is an imprint of her snout in the corner. Because her art deserves to be shared with the world, the rescuers now sell the porker’s prized paintings online. All of the proceeds go toward supporting the sanctuary and furthering animal rights efforts.

To date, Pigcasso has raised more than $145,000 through the sale of her artwork. Some pieces have sold for as much as $4,000. That’s pretty impressive for anyone — pig or no.

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