Philadelphia Is Planning To Introduce Vegan Cream Cheese Soon

vegan cream cheese

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

The vegans have spoken, and Kraft Heinz is ready to deliver! Philadelphia is one of the biggest names in brands that sell high-quality soft cheese. Recent news indicates that the company is deliberating on introducing a Philadelphia vegan cream cheese.

Vegan Food Uk, an Instagram food account, reported that Philadelphia recently delved into multiple surveys online to see whether consumers were interested in vegan cream cheese. The decision comes after vegan chocolate was introduced by Cadbury. The chocolate brand introduced its latest product after conducting surveys online in 2019. 

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This is not the first vegan venture from Kraft Heinz. Last year, the company put in $3.5 million in New Culture, a bio-tech that produces realistic vegan cheese. The company also helps Springboard, whose purpose is to facilitate new businesses with networking, mentoring, and finding capital. All the startups chosen by Springboard last year were completely vegan brands. 

Springboard lead, Kelly Reinke, spoke with Baking Business and said that Springboard is dedicated to shaping a healthy future for food. She added that all the five startups that the company has chosen are highly competitive and will offer products that the consumers demand. 

One of the brands in Springboard’s 2019 class is BRAMI, a snack brand that is completely bean-based. Others include Ka-Pop, Origin Almond, Tiny Giants, and Blake’s Seed Based. 

Sergio Eleuterio, general manager from Springboard, said that the company was dedicated to partner up with and support companies that will influence the food industry’s future. Philadelphia’s latest vegan cream cheese will stand in this line of philosophy. 

Vegan Cream Cheese – A New Future For The Food Industry?

Kraft Heinz is not the only major brand that’s making such environmentally conscious decisions. Many top brands have gone on to find vegan ventures to change the food industry. Flora, a margarine brand, also chose the vegan route last year. 

Elmhurst, a brand based in New York, put a stop to their century-old dairy business and opted for vegan milk recently. The company’s CEO, Henry Schwartz, in an interview with NPR, said that the food industry needs to reassess their actions and how it is affecting the environment. He added that they needed to change their traditions relating to food for the sake of the future. 

As people are getting more aware of the dire environmental impact global warming has on us, many are turning to veganism. Many people are also taking the vegan route for health reasons. 

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As of this year, at least a quarter of the British population has admitted to regularly drinking dairy-free vegan milk. And in America, nearly 50% of the population have claimed that they wish to switch to dairy-free vegan milk daily. 

Research on dairy products and their relation to diseases have seen a rapid increase in the recent past. Concerns raised after one study found a higher risk of cancer for people who consume dairy regularly. 

The food industry received harsh criticism after their cruel treatment of animals was revealed. They are also responsible for major greenhouse gas emissions. 

Maybe veganism is the direction that we all need to contemplate on, starting with Philadelphia’s vegan cream cheese. 

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