A Personal Declaration: 40 Days To Freedom From A Sick Society

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“If you are not enraged, you are not informed”

“If you are not enraged, you are not informed” a quote I read recently from an unknown source, and something I believe to be true in our modern day society. However, I believe on some level we are all informed, and the only difference is some are conscious of the inequality, while others are not.

Sickness is a very common symptom of this inequality in our broken society. In fact I would say it is quite difficult not to be sick of mind, body, soul or all 3 with the current structure.

A few days back I was on my way to the airport and I took an early train during the commute. Most people on the train looked sick, tired and unhappy. Which is not at all surprising. The train commute (in the UK) packs people into overcrowded boxes and sends them to do work they are not aligned with. This is all done so we can buy land, food and water off of parasitic people who have declared this land, food and water theirs.

Over 250,000 people travel in these conditions in the busiest station in London alone, with over 3 million making the trip in London everyday. It’s impossible to thrive in these conditions, and we need to rise up in love.

Our words are powerful, and everytime we make a statement it is a declaration of our position in this existence. These words ripple infinitely, and can positively affect us and those around us, meaning the words we share create our reality. I was recently sent a declaration and I have been reading it out loud for the last few days. It has had a great impact, and you can read below also:

Declaration of Full Sovereignty of My I Am Presence in This Embodiment

I call on my higher self to merge with me, guide me, and assist me in declaring, embodying, and enacting 100 percent sovereignty of my being in this and every now moment, in alignment with my I Am Presence and in accordance with my chosen purpose, goals, and intentions for this lifetime.

I call upon the elemental, angelic, ascended, cosmic, and ancestral realms to witness my declaration, to assist in upholding the integrity of its intention, and to co-create with me in manifesting my highest potentials personally, in unity with the one, and in service to the Earth as we graduate to the next level of our evolution.

In declaring my full sovereignty and with the guidance of my higher self and I am presence, I assert autonomy over my physical and nonphysical embodiment, my energetic vibration, and all resulting emanations. I disallow any interference to distort or delay the fulfillment of my purpose in this lifetime—whether that interference be well-meaning, misguided, self-interested, or malevolent.

This includes any and all overt and covert intentions, attempts, and actions to limit, separate, distract, manipulate, disempower, traumatize, dominate, control, or harvest any aspect or increment of my energy and consciousness.

I reject and eject any such interference, demanding that it cease and desist immediately and retroactively, including any trickery designed to countermand, usurp, or sidestep the intention of this declaration.

In making this declaration, I acknowledge and accept full responsibility for my being and actions. I continue to fervently request overt guidance and assistance from my higher self and I am presence, which I in no way consider to be interference.

I commit to both hearing and enacting that guidance, and in turn to listening to and guiding the elemental consciousness that contributes to my personal collective consciousness this lifetime.

To the extent that I may be unable or unwilling to hear and enact the guidance of my higher self or I am presence, I request that the guidance continue to be given in various ways such that I can understand and act on it and until I am able to understand and act on it. In full sovereignty, I also request and accept additional energetic assistance of my guides; my soul, star, human, and ancestral families; the elemental, angelic, ascended, and cosmic realms, and any other sources, provided that it accords with this declaration and is in my highest good; the highest good of Earth; and in accordance with my purpose, goals, and intentions for this lifetime.

I choose to heal all fear, trauma, and limitation standing in the way of my fulfilling my highest potential and purpose in this lifetime. I ask that my higher self and I am presence, in co-creation with the elemental, angelic, ascended, cosmic, and ancestral realms, assist me in healing, transmuting, and transcending all fear, limitation, separation, and amnesia preventing me from embodying my full, integrated sacred masculine and sacred feminine power, love, and wisdom.

I ask that my higher self and I am presence direct my healing such that I embody and offer the optimal vibration in any circumstance; that I manifest optimal health and wholeness in and through my physical, emotional, mental, and etheric bodies; that I fluidly evolve according to my path and purpose; that I awaken to and regain all the memories and gifts held in my causal body; that I function with energy, clarity, balance, effectiveness, and efficiency in the changing energetics of Earth; that I integrate the healing, its lessons, and its energy in the most beneficial way possible; and that all this unfolds at the most conducive yet expeditious pace possible.

I intend that in healing myself in this now moment, I heal other aspects of myself across time and space, as well as splintered aspects of other consciousness trapped in time who, through the domino effect, will attain the freedom to return to where they belong, to heal, and to contribute to the unity we seek to cocreate in order to graduate from this plane and take our next evolutionary steps.

I offer healing, compassion, and forgiveness wherever it is needed or wanted to free all aspects of consciousness, including my own, to allow all to return to its natural order in wholeness and unity.
And so it is.

Written by Mary Jane Banks as inspired by the work of Andrew Bartzis, Galactic Historian.
For sharing with all in resonance and cocreation

There is something symbolic about 40 days- I am not a religious man in the typical sense, but I do believe all religion emanates from the same source, and is just another translation of that same source information. With this being said every religion references to a 40 day period of transformation. Jesus went into the desert to find himself for 40 days, Buddha sat under the Bodhi tree and meditated for 40 days, Moses spent 40 days in the mountains when he received the 10 commandments, Muhammad prayed and fasted in a cave for 40 days.

It is not just in religion though in mystic thought, 40 days symbolize an ascent to a higher level otherwise known as a spiritual awakening. It is said to fully know someone you must spend 40 days in their company. In alchemy 40 days are recommended for purification. The Mayans, the Ancient Egyptians and many other cultures used blocks of 40 days to measure time and space.

40 days is a symbolic number, and due to this I will be reading this declaration out loud every day for the next 40 days, please bookmark this page and come back to read for the next 40 days also, and let us know how you get on.

It is time to revolt, rebel and stand up against oppression. This doesn’t mean we burn down the old, but simply build a better option for ourselves. Then watch it ripple. It’s freedom time when we choose it.

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