Periscope Glasses Will Make You One Foot Taller, Must Have For Festivals

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Imagine, after a long time, your favourite band is performing live. You can’t miss it for the world. The stage is all set – it’s electrifying. Your band is coming in – and you get a glimpse of them entering. But before they could fire up the stage with their guitar, you get blocked. 6’7 feet people come in front of you and block you like a thick wall. You can’t see past them and your favourite band in blocked. Your only option – listen to them without seeing them. A much-awaited special moment just shatters.

Dominic Wilcox empathized with the feeling. And he also knew that people needed something that can enable them to not lose out on these wonderful moments. His creation: ‘One Foot Taller’ glasses. What is that? Well, as the name might suggest – they are a pair of periscope glasses that will help you look over tall people and so, you can aim your ‘glasses’ at the centre of the show. Life just got beautiful, didn’t it?

The glass just adds an extra foot to you normal eye-level. Well, a foot is a great advantage, we all know that. Dominic is quite tall himself. So, it might seem strange as to how he felt the need to develop such a device. Well, one day, when he was at a show, Dominic turned around and saw a short woman dancing behind him. She really couldn’t see the band and be relying on the sound. It was clear that Dominic’s height was cutting off a visceral experience that the woman could have had if the band were in her view.

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That’s when the idea struck him.

He developed the glasses using mirrored acrylic sheets with about a 45-degree bend so that the smaller mirror can reflect the image of the large mirror, facing outside, and thereby, get a nice view. Well, that’s just how high-school periscopes work too.


He said to the Mirror, that unlike many people who get the thrills from scuba diving or bungee jumping, Wilcox gets it from creative ideas. According to him, the world has a lot of problems and it is only with creativity that we can solve them. But creativity is a skill and you have to exercise your brain to make it creative. After that, you just hone it.

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For Wilcox, most of his ideas came from observing human behaviours and expressing their needs through his creations. He is also involved in manipulating different materials to develop his ideas into reality.

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Yet, despite the massive utility of the ‘One Foot Taller’ glasses, Wilcox doesn’t think that he would wear it in his next gig. Well, many people might refrain from it too. The reason is simple: it would be hard to move around or dance with these pair on.

And without your dancing feet, how can you enjoy a gig?


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