People Are Disgusted After Customer Secretly Films This Hooters Kitchen.


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Hooters, the famous breastaurant, had its first store in Clearwater, Florida back in 1983 has been on fire for a number of reasons. Unlike any other normal restaurant which earns its title because of its food and services, Hooters earn it from the scantily-clad girls that flirt and serve the food to the visitors. Well, it’s quite clear that the girls are being used to draw your attention from something else. A visitor, Kurt Fortner, may have found one clue.

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Hooters has not really cashed in on their food quality. It was always the girls that were the main attraction. But as a restaurant, you expect clean food and proper hygiene. Who would want their customers to fall sick? Well, apparently, Hooters might be the one. Quite fortunately, Kurt got a seat at the far end of the bar from where the servers receive the food and drinks. He could easily peep and see the condition of the kitchen. And what he saw shocked him!

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Raw chicken was lying on the floor and it was clear that they would be used later on. Even dirty drinks sat on the counter, getting dirtier. He even saw that the utensils that were being used to clean the bottom of the fryers were reused for active food service.

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When he noticed that the managers were not near, he started recording everything. He left without eating.

Though this event took place a long time back in 2017 at a Hooters present in Hampton, Virginia, the images clearly makes you wonder about what might be happening behind the veil. Cross-contamination and glove-less handling are a strict no-no and Hooters seems hell-bent to violate all the regulations. According to Kurt, who has worked at Ruby and who has experience with shady kitchens, the problem starts from the top. The employees are just working mechanically on the basis of what the ‘top’ orders them to do. 

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It’s clear that just attractive females can’t boost the business of Hooters. The restaurant chain even has dated equipment. You can take it from Kurt, who, along with his wife, runs a hot tub business called  Poseidon Aquatic Services. He knows the drill and he knows the leadership is faulty with this branch.

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The Cheerleader-designed low-cut tops and orange tights are not going to help Hooters for long. Business Insider has reported that the sales of the restaurant chain has stagnated. The young generation are no longer taking the objectification of women kindly.

Maybe, shift the focus to quality food instead?

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