People Are Demanding A Reality TV Show Where Flat Earthers Search For The Edge Of The World


By Mayukh Saha

There are many surprising beliefs in the world and flat-earthers top it all. We don’t even remember when we discovered that the earth was a sphere, but many people still believe that the earth is flat. Actually, you can debunk it yourself when you find people ‘dropping’ behind the horizon. But no facts or observations can be reasonable for flat-earthers. They are so tied to their beliefs that they would twist or refer to any pseudo-scientific document just to prove their point. But by now, the modern flat-earthers have become a joke. We can’t say we don’t love them though. Sometimes, we need some people around who can give us a good laugh with their idiocy, if you might say that. However, unlike a jester, flat-earthers are far too real.

There are some strange beliefs that the flat-earthers hold and BigThink has compiled some of them. One of their sources of “scientific proof” is the literal interpretation of the Bible. As a result, they would often claim that there is a giant tree at the farthest end that can be viewed from all corners of the world. We haven’t seen it yet, and we can bet, neither have they. They have even claimed that gravity is not real. Supposedly, a wall of ice covers the rim of this flat but disc-like earth. That’s what’s holding the ocean in its place and not allowing it to spill over. If you ever get too adventurous and climb up this wall, then you are going to end up in outer space. Sadly, according to the Flat Earth Society, no one has embarked on such a risky journey and come back to tell the tale.

An animation of the day/night cycle according to Flat Earth Theory over the course of 24 hours. Credit: Flat Earth Society

You got to admit – they are really creative in their own way. And it’s no surprise that they have used religion and religious books to make different kinds of connections to prove their debunked theory.

The question is, how can we use this creativity of flat-earthers for something beneficial for our society. Well, a Reddit user has got the perfect answer: why not make a reality show out of them? Think about the Amazing Race – wasn’t that really great? Now, just replace it with flat-earthers and give them the objective – find the edge of this world. Of course, they are not going to find it, but it would be amazing to watch them try and get to it. They will go to different exotic locations, mingle with people, and have local food. There will be a candid view of how they think and tie different concepts to strengthen their beliefs. They would probably measure the sun angles, try to find out the changes in the sun’s position just like the scientists of yesteryear tried to do. Maybe in due course, they will finally come to understand the falsity of their beliefs and debunk their own theory! At least, that would be something great to watch, as well as a relief.

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The flat-earthers and their conspiracy theories may actually be hilarious but it is not the best position in a world of skeptics. Skeptics love to debunk theories but when proven facts are questioned, it shows us in a bad light. So, it’s always best to kill a bad idea early – and if nothing is working, we should try to kill a bad idea by bringing it into the limelight. And sometimes, the best way to do something is to make the people understand it themselves.

So, what do you think about this grand idea of a reality show? Seems like it might actually turn out to be better than most reality shows, doesn’t it?

IMAGE CREDIT: Elena Schweitzer

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