Pawn Shop Owner Donates 580 Motorised Wheelchairs To People Some Of Them Haven’t Been Outside In Years

Phillip gives motorized wheelchair Courtesy of GoFundMe Heroes 1

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory
Whoever said humanity was dead didn’t obviously read the news.  

In an extremely kind gesture, around 580 humans got back their ability to move from one place to the other when a Connecticut based businessman decided to donate motorized wheelchairs to them. 

 Phillip Pavone’s shop is one of those pawn shops where a few items always leave unsold. Back in 2009, he found quite a number of such wheelchairs which no one accounted for, so in order to clear out his inventory, he decided to donate it without cost by putting an ad in the local paper. Incidentally, he got around 60 replies in the span of a couple of weeks.

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As any smart person would, Pavone realized the problem- most couldn’t afford it. Their insurance wouldn’t cover the huge sum one motorized wheelchair resulted in. But they needed it. 

Pavone understood that most of these people had never left their houses, some even in years. Most couldn’t afford it, while others were too elderly and didn’t have anyone to take care of them. Now, as a Vietnam veteran coupled with a cancer survivor, Pavone knew exactly how much it sucked to be in that state. Deciding to bring his humanity out, he repaired 4 of the motorized wheelchairs in his basement and gave them out to people. It was then he found that most people had unused wheelchairs hanging around their homes which could be a boon for others. And then “AZ Pawn’s Gift of Mobility” got a structure. 

His endeavour to provide patients with wheelchairs culminates in a gala event during the holiday season, when around 100 such wheelchairs are provided. Of those whose lives he has touched, they include a Holocaust survivor, a World War II survivor, and other such unfortunates. 

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Pavone mentions that he realizes that he is creating a difference in their lives when he sees them breaking down in happiness and joy. This ray of hope, to move again, is strangely very empowering. 

His donation intervals between March 1, and October 31, during which people can drop off their unused wheelchairs and scooters at AZ Pawn Shop in Norwich, Connecticut. People are also encouraged to collect any wheelchairs they might mind in a forty-mile radius. 

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He has been declared the GoFundMe hero recently, and his efforts to provide mobile support for free has seen him recording around $50000 in donations. 

 If you are interested in his program, you can check out his Go Fund Me campaign here. 

Or, you could send them a letter at AZ Pawn Gift of Mobility, 442 East Main Street, Norwich, CT 06360. Applications will begin from September 1, 2019.

And finally, you can send them a chair by emailing at

 Images: GoFundMe Heroes


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