Owl Has A Hoot After Discovering Children’s Inflatable Pool [Video]


By Mandy Froelich / Truth Theory

When the temperature is boiling, humans aren’t the only ones who like to cool off. A fun-loving owl proved this after discovering a children’s inflatable swimming pool.

On a particularly hot English afternoon, the owl took advantage of the makeshift bird bath. In the video below, you can see the tawny looking left and right for danger — then dipping its beak into the inches-deep water.

After getting its face wet, the owl decided it wasn’t enough. SO, it began to flap its wings to make water fly up into the air and rain down on its back. As GoodNewsNetwork reports, the clip was captured by renowned wildlife artist and photographer Robert E. Fuller.

Watch the video below:

The clip was uploaded earlier this month and has inspired many chuckles. The footage was caught using wildlife surveillance cameras in Fuller’s garden near Malton, North Yorkshire.

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“The paddling pool belongs to my children but they hadn’t really used it for a while and it had filled with rainwater,” said the English artist. “When I spotted an owl chick using it to bathe in I decided to direct one of my cameras on to the pool.

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