An Oprah 2020 Presidency Win Was Predicted By Cartoon 12 Years Ago

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BLuke Miller Truth Theory

First Trump’s presidency was predicted in an episode of “The Simpsons” from 2000, now Oprah’s 2020 presidency has been precognatised from a 2006 episode of “The Boondocks”

The scene appeared in the first season, Episode 9 with an episode called “Return of the King.” The episode aired in 2006 and features a shot in which Oprah is president -in 2020, the year that (if rumours are to be believed) she may run.

This is not the first time presidency has been predicted in cartoon entertainment, with a 2000 episode of The Simpsons named “Bart to the Future” mentioning Trump as president.

The narrative of the episode is a world if Martin Luther King had not been assassinated and can be viewed in its entirety below:

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