Is There One Thing That Everyone Can Agree Upon?

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Is there an idea or concept that every single human being on the planet could agree upon? Not as straightforward a question as you might think!

Is there something we can all agree upon? I recently found myself pondering this question after a deep spiritual experience which shook my world. First I started with the obvious stuff like is the sky blue or is the grass green, but I realised the sky is not blue, it just gives the illusion of being blue and at night time it is not blue (or at least not always). The grass is also not green, as when it dries out it goes brown, and what if my perception of green is different to yours.

The earth is a sphere? Well many disagree, some think it is flat, others a dodecahedron, maybe there are other theories- but these are just a few. Can we agree on science? No, science is just a philosophy- although many scientist will disagree with this, many believe science to be very unscientific in it nature. Are we created? God, evolution, aliens or stardust? There is so much debate on this, it’s hard to come to anywhere near to a logical agreement about the matter.

Time is an illusion (at least some people think). Matter is really not matter at all. The laws of physics change at the microscopic level. And evidence is only evidence, if you believe the process/laws/method in which the evidence is collected. The truth is, even when you get just a small group of people together- you have a wide range of beliefs and value that so often contradict each other.

The fact is, if one person thinks something and another something contradictory, it is just 2 people with a different world view. There are many forms of education and so often we believe that just because we spent time learning something, it must be true. History has repeatedly shown that the most popular view doesn’t always mean the view is correct, and just because we have widely agreed upon narratives, this does not mean people coming from another narrative are wrong. Sure there are many things that are morally wrong, but there are many people that believe that their wrong doings are just. It is a very complex situation we are living within.

So is there anything we can all agree upon and why is it so important?

I believe that there are a few things, but I can only have this clarified if people agree, but before I get into this I wanted to touch on why I think this is important.   

We currently live in a world in which materialism and division are promoted by media, government and corporate interests. Divide and conquer is out in full force and has resulted in the planet being divided up into smaller and smaller groups. The focus is more on our differences, than our shared qualities. If we could find something that we can all agree upon, it shows that we are actually the same in at least some aspect of our existence. This could potentially work as some kind of framework in which we can build something that unites us, instead of divides.

So the things I think we can agree upon starting with the most debatable:

We are (in part) having a human experience. Not sure everyone will agree upon this (aliens), but I am sure most will and this experience connects us to everyone else.

We are here. Again some may disagree when you start to take into account nonlinear time, but we are at least in some sense here.

Numbers. I think that in this marco space we can agree that one thing is one thing and two things are two things. Again this can get debatable when we start to zoom in and out- as a cell within our body could be thought of as one thing that exists alongside many other things (cells) which make up our bodies. You could also zoom out and think of us as singular cells in the body of earth and earth as a singular cell in the solar system- this could continue infinitely in and out. However, in this dimension one apple will be one apple and two apples will be two apples, and I think we can agree on this.

Something is happening. I cannot take credit for this as it came from someone else who I asked “is there something we can all agree upon?” during a podcast I appeared on. Later that evening they sent me a message saying “something is happening” as an answer . I think this is the closest I have managed to get to a thing that we can all agree with.

Something is happening, some may think they know what that something is, many admittedly would say they have no clue. But regardless of what that thing is, it is definitely happening. Does anyone disagree?

Maybe a better question would be- is there something we “could” all agree upon?

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