It’s Okay To Let Go Of Toxic People

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By Fattima Mahdi Truth Theory

Toxic people are just waiting to cause havoc in your life. If you’re not careful, they can take over your life and leave you feeling physically and mentally drained. If you are not quite sure what the behaviour a toxic person exhibits, here’s how you can spot the signs:

They try to control your life – this might be blatant or through subtle manipulation.

  • They always take, never give – they take whatever favours they can get out of you and never ever give back.
  • They trample all over your boundaries – they do not respect the boundaries you have set and insist on violating them.
  • They aren’t honest – they repeatedly lie to you
  • They don’t take responsibility – they have a victim mentality and believe the world is against them, blaming others for their own shortcomings.

A toxic person could be a friend, colleague or even a family member. Though it may seem hard to let go of this person, especially when it feels like they play a major role in your life, it is important that you protect yourself and minimise the damage they can do. Even if this toxic person happens to be your parent, or your partner, you are allowed to cut them out of your life completely. The relationship you have with this person should not stop you from doing what is best for you. Though it might seem really hard to let go, you have to decide whether you want to let them hold you back, instead of pushing you forward. This does not mean that you do not love them, it just means that you have put yourself first. You have to value your needs, your health and your wellbeing.

It’s okay to…

  • Ignore phone calls and messages
  • Tell them that you want to be left alone
  • Block them on social media

Removing toxic people from your life can be painful, but you have to be resilient and keep them at a distance (even if they ask to be part of your life again). To help you get through this, you should surround yourself with people who make you feel loved, safe and happy.

Want to know more about how you can deal with toxic people? Watch this 30+ minute video below:

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