It’s Official: McDonald’s Permanently Adds Vegan Burgers To Menu In Finland, Sweden

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While McDonald’s food may never be considered healthy, it is becoming more ethical — at least, in the nations of Finland and Sweden.

Earlier this year, the fast food giant decided to test consumer’s interest in plant-based fare by trialling a vegan burger in Finland. The response was overwhelming. Between October 4 and November 21, the faux meat burger sold out in the small city of Tampere.

This victory prompted McDonald’s to permanently add the McVegan to its menu in Finland and Sweden. Said Staffan Ekstam, Head of Food Strategy at McDonald’s in Sweden: “The test in Finland blew all the expectations out of the water. We can now offer our guests a vegan burger developed in Sweden. Our ambition is that there should be something on our menu for all of the 400,000 guests who visit us every day”.

According to Business Insider, the fast food conglomerate added its first vegan burger in an attempt to attract millennial diners. Over the past few years, the younger generation has stopped eating McDonald’s due to health, ethical and environmental concerns.

Before the McVegan launched, the niche food company Anamma trialed at least 100 burgers. Finally, a soy-based patty that closely mimics meat was approved, then patented. The McVegan may never compare to the Impossible Burger, but it will provide a convenient alternative for ethical eaters and that, some might say, is applaudable.

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