NYPD Embarrassed Themselves By Bragging About Massive Marijuana Bust, Turned Out To Be Legal Hemp


By John Vibes / Truth Theory

Hemp was legalized in the United States through the Farm Bill that was passed last year, but that didn’t stop police in New York City from seizing a shipment of the legal commodity and arresting the person who came to pick it up. The police later bragged about the “bust” on social media, showing a table filled with 106 pounds of legal hemp.

In the post’s caption, the police described the shipment as “marijuana destined for our city streets.”

Comments on the post were overwhelmingly critical, with many people asking the police why they continue to focus on cannabis when most of the country is now in favor of legalization. The taunts from the online crowd became even more severe once the owner of the company responsible for the hemp shipment commented and explained that it was actually a perfectly legal product.

A Fed Ex employee reportedly tipped off police that a possible shipment of cannabis was coming through their service.

On an Instagram post where the image was copied, Jahala Dudley of Fox Holler Farms, explained that the NYPD seized the hemp and arrested one of the company’s employees, even though they had all of the required paperwork proving that the cargo was legal.

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GreenAngelCBD, another one of the companies involved in the shipment, posted a statement to Instagram professing their innocence.

“This was our shipment. My brother was falsely arrested. Those bags were all hemp. All documents were in each box. The farm also called them to give them all there (sic) paperwork proving it’s all hemp! Please spread the word! We need to let people know we are not criminals!” the post read.



However, representatives with the NYPD insist that the plants tested positive for THC and was sent to a lab for confirmation. However, field drug tests have been proven to be untrustworthy, which is why lab tests are required for convictions in court.

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