Nomad Tiger To Spend Life Behind Bars After Killing 3 Humans

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

A tiger in Maharashtra, India, has been taken into custody after he killed three humans and kept encroaching into human habitation areas. The sad affair ended with the national park authorities deciding on putting the tiger behind bars for life. 

The five years old male tiger was caught and tranquilized last weekend. He was kept at Kanha National Park before being shipped to Van Vihar, a national park in Bhopal. Authorities report that the animal will most likely be staying in solitary confinement till he learns to tame his aggression. 

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One officer said that the tiger has been given more than enough chance to stay in his natural habitat. But things became difficult after the tiger kept visiting villages for hunting. The officials, under 2019 NTCA guidelines, deemed the tiger a threat to human life and decided to send him behind bars for life. 

Not The First Tiger Behind Bars

Back in 2018, from August to December, the tiger had wandered around 510 km from Maharashtra to Madhya Pradesh. It killed three people in that duration. On 10th December, officials from Satpura Tiger Reserve captured and transported him to Kanha. On 1st February, after 45 days of the enclosure, the tiger was released back into the wild. 

The officials at Satpura Tiger Reserve adjusted a radio in a collar that the tiger was made to wear. Since then, the officials have been in constant radio contact with the tiger. After hours of deliberations, it was decided that the best path was to put the tiger behind bars since he kept coming back to human settlements. 

Officials Undecided On Whether Tiger Will Be Kept For Display

L. Krishnamurthy, Field Director of Kanha, explained that the reason the tiger kept coming back could be because he was born near human settlements in Chandrapur power station. 

The first tiger related fatality was reported from Mangrul in Maharashtra on 19th October. The second followed closely after, on 22nd October, near Anjansingi. Meanwhile, the third human kill took place very close to STR.

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Officials will now be transporting him permanently to Van Vihar in Bhopal. There are currently 14 tigers in the national park, out of which only 4 are kept for display. Officials stated that the rest of the tigers were kept secluded as they were more aggressive. Some tigers were rescued when they became orphaned as pups. No visitors are allowed to see these tigers as they are kept away from the display area. 

Kamlika Mohanta, director of Van Vihar, told media sources that a team from Kanha has arrived early in the morning and that the tiger will be put in solitary confinement as it will give him time to adjust to the new environment. The official further added that the Central Zoo Authorities will be the one to decide whether the tiger will be simply behind bars or will he be displayed too. Mohanta further added that the national park will contact the CZA soon. 

The veterinarian at Van Vihar reported that the tiger behind bars is in quarantine now, and all is good. 

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Image Credit:  Olena Seiryk

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