Newly-Developed Shirt Cleans The Air While You Wear It

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By Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

Environmentalists, take notice! There’s a new, hassle-free way to scrub pollution from the air, and it involves making a fashion statement. Thanks to the Italian company Kloters, you can now wear a T-shirt that purifies our atmosphere through a specially-designed insert which captures then disintegrates pollutants and odors.

As Inhabitat reports, the RepAir shirt was designed to be comfortable and eco-friendly. Said Loters co-founders, Federico Suria, Marco Lo Greco and Silvio Perucca, in a press release:

“RepAir is born from the desire to go beyond the traditional concept of sustainable fashion. [We] want to make fashion a vehicle to raise awareness and to think of new solutions to the pollution problem through nice, comfortable and, most of all, virtuous clothing.”

To raise funds for the new project, Kloter has started a Kickstarter campaign. On the website, the unique anti-pollutant features are described. The Breath, a patented absorbent fabric, is capable of absorbing pollutants that can contribute to health problems, including respiratory illness or cancer. Said De Greco: “Our dream has become a reality.”

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The material underwent testing at the Università Politecnica delle Marche. It was concluded that the Breathe can absorb up to 97 percent of volatile organic compounds, 92 percent of sulfur dioxide and 86 percent of nitrogen oxides. The fabric insert is contained within a pocket and can be easily removed and replaced when needed.

Environmental advocates can feel good about supporting this company, as RepAir keeps sustainability a core focus throughout the entire production process. Materials for the product are sourced from suppliers who ensure no workers are exploited.

Furthermore, the T-shirts are made of high-quality cotton. Because they are designed to last, the amount of waste created in production is decreased. The company’s ultimate aim is to start a conversation about the need to improve air quality around the world.

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Source: Inhabitat, Kloters, Kickstarter

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