New ‘Smart Dress’ Reveals How Often Women are Touched in Public [Video]


By Mandy Froelich / Truth Theory

Many women have relayed stories of being inappropriately touched in public. But until now, proving just how often it occurs has been very difficult. Well, it recently became a lot easier, thanks to a “smart dress” which was invented for the campaign Dress for Respect.

Indy100 reports that the campaign was launched by the Brazilian advertising agency Ogilvy in light of the #MeToo movement. The hashtag, which is used worldwide, has helped women reclaim their voices by offering a safe platform to speak out against disrespectful conduct.

The smart dress is equipped with sensors that are triggered when the wearer is touched. For the campaign, three women, Juliana, Tatiana, and Luisia, each wore the dress out for one night. The objective was to determine how many times they were non-consensually touched by strangers.

After the experiment was over, the data revealed that the volunteers were touched a whopping 157 times. That’s 40 times per hour. Says the narrator in the video below: “With every new contact registered the harassment became more visible.”

Afterward, men were asked to watch the footage of the women in the rest being harassed. Each was appalled by the misconduct so apparent on camera. One man exclaimed, “That’s so ridiculous. Look he’s going in for a kiss! Oh my God!”

86 percent of Brazilian women have dealt with sexual harassment in clubs, according to statistics cited by the advertising agency. Reportedly, “wolf whistling,” also referred to as cat-calling, is the most common (77 percent), followed by staring (74 percent), sexual comments (57 percent, and swearing (39 percent).

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While harassment toward women and men is not likely to cease overnight, this campaign highlights how often females, especially, are non-consensually touched in public. What are your thoughts? Please comment below and share this news!

Source: Indy100

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