New Research Suggests That Human Emotion Physically Shapes Reality Itself

Bez nazwy 2 2By Fattima Mahdi Truth Theory

Three different teams of scientists carried out three different studies and the results are extraordinary – human emotion is what defines reality and shapes the world around us.

In the first experiment, human DNA was isolated in a sealed container and placed near the donor to see how their emotions affected their DNA in the other room. The results revealed that the DNA would tighten in the presence of negative emotions and relax in the presence of positive ones. The scientists concluded that “human emotion produces effects which defy conventional laws of physics.”

In a similar, but unrelated, second experiment, scientists extracted white blood cells from donors and measured their electrical changes. The donor was sat in one room and the DNA was placed somewhere else in the building. The donor then watched a number of video clips which were designed provoke different emotions. The results showed that as the donor exhibited emotional peaks or troughs, so did the DNA, and what was even more remarkable was that the responses happened at exactly the same time. The scientists were taken aback by their findings and decided to take it one step further, they wanted to see how far they could separate the donor from the DNA and still get the same effect. The donor and DNA were separated by 50 miles and yes, the results were still exactly the same. The scientists concluded that the donor and DNA can communicate beyond space and time.

The third experiment was truly fascinating. Scientists observed light photons inside a vacuum and noted that their natural locations were completely random. However, when they inserted human DNA into the vacuum they realised that the photons were now following the geometry of the DNA.  Scientists who were studying this, described the photons behaving “surprisingly and counter-intuitively”. They went on to say that “We are forced to accept the possibility of some new field of energy!” and concluded that human DNA literally shape the behavior of light photons that make up the world around us.

Following new research, the three scientific claims have been connected together and this lead to a shocking realisation that our emotions affect our DNA and our DNA shapes the world around us. And not just that, but we are also connected to our DNA beyond time and space. This scientific discovery is a reminder that the Universe we live in is truly mind blowing, all we have to do is connect the dots.

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