Unseen Martin Luther King Interview From 1957

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Shocking interview with Dr Luther King shows the struggle black people had to endure to simply be accepted as citizens.

The clip was taken from a show called the open mind, a series which explored new and out of the box ideas. The introduction of the show tells a story of the collective indoctrination that had taken place during the time, in which black slaves that were “acquiescent” (submissive) were portrayed as happy slaves and those who wanted their freedom and rights as unhappy trouble makers.

While slavery had been abolished when this video was released, it was a time when racial segregation was in full force and the narrative of the time, was that whites were the superior race.

What’s shocking about this video is that it is not that long ago and much of the current population were alive when this message was being shared. And while it may seem (to some) that racism is not as prevalent now, institutionalised racism still exists. Through environmental conditions (which could be argued as intentional or not) black people in America have less opportunity, worse educations and are far more likely to be targeted by the police. So while it is a shock in this video to see the attitude towards the black community, maybe in another 50 years, we’ll look back to the current day and also be shocked at how people are being treated in America.   

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