New Blue Whale Songs In The Indian Ocean Give Hope Of Discovering A New Endangered Population

Blue Whale Songs in the Indian Ocean

Recently, scientists have discovered evidence of a previously unknown population of blue whales. These blue whales live in the western part of the Indian Ocean. The research was done on the basis of sound recordings derived from the western Indian Ocean region. Researchers have found a distinct blue whale song. They are researching it presently.

Asha de Vos is a marine biology scientist. She has recently informed, that the discovery of these endangered blue whales is a remarkable reminder to humankind that our sea bodies are still a massive place that remains to be closely monitored and explored further.

In the beginning, the researchers had assumed that the blue whales in concern had belonged to Sri Lanka. Nevertheless, this blue whale has already been studied by scientists.


Study On Distinct Blue Whale Songs

A recent study has been published in the journal named Endangered Species Research. This newly found blue whale is an endangered species, according to this research. In addition to this, they have their very own distinct blue whale song that is very different from all the other whale songs. As of now, the researchers have been able to identify only a dozen blue whale songs of these whales. Moreover, each blue whale song is an identifier of a distinctive blue whale population that is residing in the Indian Ocean. Accordingly, all the blue whale songs are extremely significant to get more details about this endangered species. The songs are being carefully studied.  

Blue Whale Songs In The Indian Ocean

Initially, the scientists had recorded a unique blue whale song off the coast of Madagascar. The researchers were conducting their study near Madagascar. Meanwhile, the researchers were drawn towards a pod that was present on the Omura whales. Eventually, the researchers realized that they had successfully managed to discover a new population of blue whales. In other words, this blue whale had remained previously unidentified. For that reason, this was a noteworthy discovery by the scientists which will lead to numerous other discoveries.

Dr. S. Cerchio has been leading the analysis of the song recordings of the blue whales. He has happily stated that the discovery of these new blue whale songs has been a remarkable achievement. Furthermore, the process of recognizing, analyzing, and researching the data was an exciting and unique experience. Consequently, they were very surprised and thrilled about unveiling a blue whale population that was completely unknown till 2017.


An Unknown Marine Acoustic

Andrew Willson is a co-author of the study on the songs of the blue whales. He is a researcher in the LLC Environmental Services of Five Oceans. He informed that there was no data on acoustic in the Arabian Sea. This was before the recording effort and study in and around Oman. As a result, the identification and existence of these endangered blue whales was simply a guess.

This extraordinary study of the blue whale songs indicates an extensive and untapped reservoir of knowledge. The unknown underwater animals must be discovered and studied before they become extinct. Marine life is severely endangered because of the flourishing maritime industries.

The population of the threatened blue whales has come down to 1,000 because they are frequently hunted. Nonetheless, declining numbers have started to recover recently. This is owing to the global suspension of commercial whaling activities.

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Image Featured: Robert Baldwin

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