New Animation That Explains What Palm Oil Is Doing To Orangutans Should Be Watched By Everyone

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By Amanda Froelich,

Do you use palm oil in your everyday life? If your answer is “no way,” we have news for you. Palm oil is in so many household products, it is nearly impossible to avoid. That’s why a new video, produced by Greenpeace, should be required viewing for the public.

Palm oil is found in a variety of household products, including chocolate, shampoos, and shoes. Yep — most of those are consumed daily by the average Americans. The issue is, the production of palm oil is devastating orangutans (and other wildlife) and their natural habitats.

The following animation explains how:

The video, narrated by actor Emma Thompson, tells the story of an orangutan affectionately referred to as “Rang-tan.” The story is told through poetry and begins with the baby orangutan unleashing havoc in a little girl’s room. She is anything but pleased by the wreckage. As a result, she kicks Rang-tan out. Before doing so, however, she asks, “Why were you in my bedroom? I really want to know.”

In response, the heartbroken orangutan explains what is happening to his home. Not only did he lose his mother to palm oil production, his home is being destroyed as a result of deforestation to make room for palm oil production. Rang-tan finishes by explaining that he was scared that the human in his forest that ended his mother’s life would take him away, too. So, he sought out the little girl. The video ends with the young girl making a promise to do everything in her power to ensure the future is better for both of them.

The animated video does an excellent job portraying what is happening to orangutans as a result of demand for palm oil. Every day, approximately twenty-five orangutans are killed or displaced as a result of the devastating industry. Stand up against this atrocity by boycotting palm oil, educating others about the reality, and contacting your favorite brands and urging them to discontinue the use of palm oil. Get started by sharing this article.

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