Netflix’s Kids Cartoon “Stretch Armstrong” Features Implantable Microchips

By Mike Sygula / Truth Theory

One of the greater dangers that humanity faces in the near future is transhumanism. Transhumanism can be explained as the movement where humans are augmented technologically. On one hand, this might sound great. Technology can help us in many ways, on the other there are massive dangers that are linked to this process. 

In the Netflix show “Stretch Armstrong and The Flex Fighters” a device called “the smart-mark” is shown. It looks like a microchip-type device installed in someone’s arm. The device allows you to pay for things in the store, shoot videos, book travel, etc. Later in the movie, it is explained that this device can be used to control those that have it installed… 

Watch the clip below:

I have been warning about similar technologies for a while. Such devices can be used against those wearing them. Privacy can be entirely eliminated and humans can be fully controlled by a corporation or whoever has access to the device. 

Elon Musk’s startup called Neuralink is one of the most advanced ones developing similar technology.

See my video below about it:


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