Nestle Is Ditching Plastic Water Bottles And Straws To Benefit The Environment 


By Mandy Froelich / Truth Theory 

Nestle may be one of the greediest corporations on the planet, but it is taking action to lessen its carbon footprint. How so? By dropping plastic straws from its products, as well as developing biodegradable water bottles to reduce plastic waste. 

Reuters reports that the step is part of a campaign several Swiss groups made last year. As the world’s biggest packaged food company, Nestle agreed to make all packaging recyclable or reusable by 2025. 

Beginning in February, Nestle will start using alternative materials, such as paper, and adopt new designs to replace plastic straws. Meanwhile, Nestle’s bottled water unit, Nestle Waters, will work to increase the recycled PET content in its bottle to 35 percent globally, and 50 percent in the United States, by 20205.

The global corporations is close to developing new paper-based materials and polymer that biodegrade. “This could become a valuable option in places where recycling infrastructure does not yet exist and will not be available for some time,” Nestle said in a statement.

U.S.-based Danimer Scientific is working with Nestle to develop marine biodegradable and recyclable bottles. With the help of PureCycle Technologies, it won’t be long before food-grade recycled polypropylene (a polymer used for packing food in trays, tubs, and bottles) is developed. 

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According to Magdi Batato, Nestle’s global head of operations,  the company is still assessing how the new-and-improve packaging will affect the shelf life of products, and their cost. “Some of those alternative solutions are even cheaper, some of them are cost neutral and indeed some of them are more expensive,” he said. 

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