Need Motivation? 10 Genius Ways To Kickstart Your Creativity


By  Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

Life is a mixture of “highs” and “lows”. To know the grandest of experiences, you must be willing to “do the work” and push through the toughest challenges. For many people, this can be incredibly hard to do. That’s why Deni Waitley, the author of The Psychology of Winning, outlined 10 ways winners approach self-motivation.

Becoming motivated can take a lot of work, or none at all. It depends on your resistance to the idea of you achieving your goals. As you scroll through the list below, consider the blockages which might be preventing you from accepting the health and love you deserve. Then, do the work so your best life can be realized.

Following are 10 ways you can become more self-motivated:

1) Cultivate a self expectant worldview

Waitley explains that there are two great motivators in life: desire and fear. Desire tends to lead to achievement, success, and happiness. Fear, on the other hand, is destructive. To become more motivated, focus on what you want — not what you don’t have or are fearful of.

2) Choose your words

To become self-motivated, switch the word “can’t” for “can”. If you aim to be successful, you must first convince yourself it is possible.

3) Decide what’s important

Binge-watch Netflix or work on your dream? It might seem like a hard decision, but it is not. To become self-motivated, you need to decide what is important to you and sacrifice pleasure (at times) for progress. Don’t let fear hold you back — rather, ignore its very existence. If you take steps every day, what you seek to create will eventually be realized.

4) Brainstorm

Grab a piece of paper, a pen, and take a seat. List your five top desires and next to the column, write the benefit that will be achieved when you achieve it. Look at this list day and night to become more motivated.

5) Find a mentor

Has someone already done what you seek to achieve? Then follow their projects, learn more about them, read their books or listen to their podcasts. Generate excitement by knowing that what you seek is not impossible. Rather, it will just take time and hard work.

6) “I want to I can”

You need to be your biggest fan. Every time you think about one of your goals, mentally chant “I want to, I can.” “I want to, I can.” If you want to, you can.

7) Visualize your success

The law of attraction is based on the concept that if you feel and visualize yourself accomplishing something, on some level of vibration, that experience exists. Your job is to keep that vision fueled, and you can do this by “painting a picture” in your head about what the achievement looks and feels like.

8) Fear? What Fear!

Fear is the result of forgetting your magnificence. Take time to meditate and “go within” to find calm in the center of you, that same place creativity stems from. Allow fear to announce itself, but do not give it a seat at the dinner table. Rather, thank it for encouraging you to act, and tell it to leave. Fear does not control you, and it acts only as a hindrance if you focus on it too often.

9) Give solution-oriented feedback

If people come to you with their problems, don’t console them with an “I’m sorry.” Rather, provide solution-oriented feedback to the best of your ability. Think, “what is the answer? What am I learning from this?” As you apply this wisdom to your own life, you may find yourself more self-motivated.

10) Concentrate, concentrate, concentrate

No one said the process would be easy. But if you seek to accomplish a set list of goals, do something great in your lifetime, and prove the haters wrong, you need to work hard. Specifically, you need to concentrate all of your energy and intensity on the project. Stop giving energy to haters and people who doubt you. If you believe in you, what you desire to manifest will be made manifest. The question is, are you up for it?

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Source: Educate Inspire Change, The Psychology of Winning

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