Mysterious “Robin Hood” Left Envelopes Of Cash For The Needy In A Spanish Village


By Mandy Froelich / Truth Theory

Something odd, yet fascinating, is occurring in the small town of Villarramiel, located in northern Spain. Close to mid-March, around 15 people received envelopes containing up to €100 in notes in their mailboxes. The philanthropist behind the donations hasn’t been revealed. So, residents are referring to them as the “Robin Hood of Villarramiel.”

Reportedly, locals are trying to figure out why certain people in the village of just over 800 residents were singled out for the gifts. “We’re all bewildered and expectant as we don’t know where this money comes from or who the benefactor is,” said Mayor Nuria Simon. ” We don’t know what the intention is.”

Some people simply received a brown envelope with cash. Others also received messages, including the recipients’ name, addresses, and phrases, such as “The princess of the household,” said Simon.

“A widow living with her son, couples with small children, elderly couples, middle-aged couples without kids…,” she explained. There is no obvious link between the recipients.

After receiving the banknotes, some people reported it to the police. Others went to the bank to determine the validity of the donation. Each time, the bills were confirmed to be real.

The occurrence might be odd, but no offense has been committed. Therefore, no police investigation has been or will be opened. For now, residents of Villarramiel will simply have to be at peace, knowing there is a figure in the village who is looking out for those who need it most.

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IMAGE CREDIT1: Vladimir Sviracevic

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