Muskin The Vegetable Leather Is Made From Mushrooms And Could Replace Animal Leather


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

The world is now moving towards sustainable fashion after decades of harmful fast fashion fads. People are slowly but steadily understanding the flipside of using products made from animal skin – bags, shoes, jackets, pants, and even belts. It causes widespread ecological damage and it is about time we shift to something that is less harmful. This is where Muskin comes in.


Muskin is an eco-friendly alternative made from a special kind of mushroom cap. The raw material is natural but the greater issue is the use of chemicals in the tanning process that are harmful to the environment. Zero Grado Espace, a company based in Montelupo Fiorentino, came up with a solution for the production of muskin.


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Made from a huge inedible variety of mushroom called Phellinus ellipsoideus, muskin is treated using natural techniques. The leather that is produced stands out because of the texture. Eco-wax is used instead of chemicals in the production process. The mushroom is found in the subtropical forests and has a distinct smell.

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Is the removal of mushrooms affecting the ecological balance of the forest? Not at all. In fact, the trees are benefiting by the removal of the Phellinus ellipsoideus. The good news is that muskin can be used to make a wide range of products from shoes, bags, and wallets to inserts. Things made of muskin feel like suede and the texture is somewhat cork-like.

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What are the added benefits of using natural vegetable leather? Muskin is a thermal insulator which means that it absorbs and releases damp almost immediately. This characteristic prevents bacterial proliferation. This kind of leather is not toxic, repels water, and transpires easily. If you are someone who is prone to allergies then muskin is a gift for you! As it is made of natural materials, it does not trigger any kind of allergic reaction whatsoever. This means you can use products made of muskin without worrying about it suiting your sensitive skin.


The production is a complicated process and around forty to fifty square meters of muskin is produced in a month. This is why it is used for exclusive products only. A small step in the right direction can bring about a positive change in our environment. More efforts should be put in to make things that do not produce toxic waste and muskin is definitely one of them.

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Sustainable and eco-friendly fashion is the future, let’s embrace it.

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