Mumble Rap – What Happens After You Listen To Mumble Rap Like Drake, Lil Pump, 6ix9ine, TRIPPIE REDD, Etc.

2. You freak out because all your friends are actually listening to it 21

By Niraj Naik, Renegade Pharmacist

This is a ‘serious’ scientific investigation into the effects to your health, life and your mind after listening to a new genre of rap music called Mumble Rap, also known as Soundcloud Rap that has been sweeping the internet and becoming incredibly popular on places like Youtube and Soundcloud.

In this article you will learn:

  1. What exactly is mumble rap.
  2. What happens when you listen to mumble rap.
  3. How to cure yourself of any harm caused by listening to mumble rap.

What Exactly is Mumble Rap?

The saying goes ‘you must be getting old’ when you begin to judge the music kids are listening to. However in the case of mumble rap, this no longer applies. You have to be a psychologically disturbed and morally challenged individual if you condone the influence to youth culture of one of the most monumental disasters of modern times.

Mumble rap is a new form of rap music that has become incredibly popular in recent times due to several factors that we will explore in this article, including the viral effect of social sharing platforms like Youtube and Soundcloud. It usually consists of a very minimal hiphop or trap breakbeat devoid of anything musical to accompany it. It is then layered with nonsensical mumblings that sounds like it was sung by someone who may have been shot several times in the face and then lost the ability to speak.

According to wikipedia the term “mumble rap” was coined in 2016 by Wiz Khalifa. There is disagreement over who first rapped in such a style, although its creation has been attributed to rappers such as Gucci Mane, Chief Keef, and especially Future. However Mumble rap’s meteoric rise and success may be credited to a Canadian born music star, Drake with the record ‘Hot Line Bling’. Written (using that term loosely) by Drake himself this insult to music has since amassed over a billion views on Youtube.

However Drake is still a very polished version of mumble rap, and no longer even considered to be in the same genre as the new emerging artists, because at least you can make out some of his lyrics, even though a Chinese kindergarten student can probably write a more intellectual sounding song.

Mumble rap on the other hand has unbelievably degenerated into something far worse than what Drake has to offer. Yes, you can safely say Mumble rap is now potentially more dangerous to youth culture than a British Royal pedo ring, and in this article you will discover exactly why.

2. You freak out because all your friends are actually listening to it 21

What happens when you listen to mumble rap

Music is very subjective and it’s effects are different depending on whether you think like it or hate it:

You hate it:

  1. You turn it off and immediately save yourself from the toxic effects of this new disaster of a so called musical genre.

You think you like it:

  1. At first you hear it and think: “this must be some kind of joke”
  2. You freak out because all your friends are actually listening to it
  3. Youtube and your friends keep recommending you stuff to listen to. You can’t escape. It’s playing absolutely everywhere.
  4. In order to fit in with the ‘cool kids’ you pretend to like mumble rap too. You even begin to look like mumble rap star.
  5. You are now literally brainwashed into liking it. Your mind has bee fooled by the power and misuse of social media marketing.
  6. You realize how easy it is to make mumble rap. Becoming a mumble rap star seems to be way towards wealth and fame. No need for a job to get off the streets.
  7. You resort to shooting a fellow mumble rap star, or raping a child and then bragging about it to get more views.
  8. You end up dead or in jail before the age of 20, but hey, at least you were ‘cool’ for a very brief moment.

What Bad Music Does To Your Health

Music has a measurable physiological effect based on whether you resonate with it or not, and music that resonates with you has the ability to light up all areas of your brain and boost low alpha brainwaves associated with optimum cognitive function.

Listen to two pieces of music, one you love and one that you really hate…

How do you feel after listening to each one? Do you feel contracted or expanded? Do you want to relax and enjoy or run away?

So if you really love mumble rap, then it may actually have a positive physiological effect on your body. However if deep down inside you are just faking it to try and fit in, and you secretly hate it, then be warned, because it will have negative effect on your brain.

Researchers at University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore showed that listening to your favourite music can actually be good for your cardiovascular system. Music personally selected by participants of the study that they loved showed to dilate blood vessels, lower blood pressure and improve blood flow. However music that they perceived as stressful (most participants chose heavy metal or gangster rap), narrowed blood vessels and created an unhealthy response.

Music Is The Language Of The Soul

In a study by Sir Dr David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. ,an internationally renowned psychiatrist, into the effects of different types of music using muscle testing. He says that, “Whereas virtually all classical music and most pop music (including “classic” rock and roll) caused a universally strong response, the “hard” or “heavy metal” rock that first gained acceptance in the late 70’s produced a universally weak response.”

Dr Hawkins says that , “Among our test subjects, punk rock, death rock and gangster rap music made every subject go weak, confirming earlier observations made by Dr. John Diamond.”

This means that just by listening to mumble rap, which is an even cruder form of gangster rap, you become weaker –  a side effect of listening to mumble rap that’s not much use for a wannabe gangster!

In a study of students Dr. James Johnson of the University of North Carolina found that listening to rap music increased tolerance for and predisposition to violence. It also promoted materialism and reduced interest in academic studies.

Dr Hawkins concludes that “the music of Bach makes everyone go strong, even if they don’t personally like it, just as heavy metal music makes all subjects go weak, even if they personally prefer it.”

This shows that certain styles of music speak the true language of the soul and resonate with your nervous system in a positive way, regardless of how messed up society has made you and your taste in music.

How Did Mumble Rap Get So Popular?

Imagine when you first had a sip of beer, you may have spat it out and wondered why on earth do adults drink this crap?

The same thing goes for music, why is it that there are some genres of music you cannot stand but then you grow to love (or are you really just faking your love for Drake to be accepted by the cool kids?)

How The Kids Got Brainwashed

Thoughty2 (Arran) a Youtuber makes a great analysis of why music has become so bad today. Back in the time when bands like The Beatles and Pink Floyd, artists like Michael Jackon, Stevie Wonder and Prince were selling millions of records worldwide, mainstream music actually featured real musicians who could play real instruments. During this time in the history of commercial music people actually bought records. Due to the digitalization of music, record sales are now non existent forcing record companies to take desperate measures to stay in business.

Music is now accessed cheaply and easily on platforms like Spotify, Youtube and Soundcloud so the record labels make a fraction of what they used to by selling vinyl records and CD’s. It is now estimated to cost $3 – 5 million dollars just to launch an artist so record labels no longer take risks as it is too expensive to test an artist out. It’s far safer with the cookie cutter approach of just repeating a formula over and over again.

Rap music videos are also now constructed with the aim to go viral by trying to be as shocking and offensive as possible.

Drake Made Dumb Music Cool.

Now every single mumble rap or gangster rap song sounds almost identical because they are emulating the one song that made Drake into a star, but not the whole song, just a few bars of it with the most irritatingly catchy mumbling hook. Every rap artist wants to be like Drake. It’s far easier to emulate a dumbed down Drake than his musically, intellectually and lyrically far superior counterpart, Eminem.

Easier to replicate = cheaper to make hits and videos go viral. More concerning to the fate of humanity is that another artist called 6ix9ine took mumble rap to another level of bad taste, and everyone now wants to be like him.

The end of times is near…

6ix9ine and Nicki Minaj video with over 400 billion views!

Music Videos That Inspire Violence

If the music could not get much worse than it is, what definitely takes things to a darker and more disturbing level is the music videos that go with them. Kids with balaclavas and hoodies bragging about their latest rape or murder. Sexually offensive and disrespectful lyrics and images of women. Violence, abuse and bragging about it, seems to be a staple part of the mumble rap formula.

Lyrics That Create A Culture Of Chaos

Just think how much of your life today is a result of something you read, listened to or inspired by a lyric from your favorite song. Words create cultures and musical lyrics may be the most powerful culture forming tool that has ever existed. The bible states ‘In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.’  The Rigveda is considered the world’s oldest religious text that is the root of yoga, meditation and the Hindu religion. It is a collection of songs, sung to a special rhythm that is said to contain the secrets of the universe and gave rise to one of the world’s first civilisations located in the Indus valley. This ancient civilisation is claimed to be more spiritually and even technologically advanced than modern society today. People lived many times longer than they do today, and in more harmony with nature.

By simply looking at what the kids are now listening to, and the obvious degeneration of youth culture today witnessed in the world today, in the so called ‘developed nations’, perhaps this claim is not so far fetched.

Last year, Florida rapper XXXTentacion was charged with aggravated battery of a pregnant woman, domestic battery by strangulation, false imprisonment, and witness-tampering. You would think a civilised society would choose not to celebrate this artist, however his debut single has been certified platinum by the RIAA, and his debut album has reached No. 2 on the Billboard albums chart.

Another mumble rap star, Kodak Black was fighting sexual harassment charges, while streaming on instagram a video of a group gang bang of a girl in his hotel room. His fans made a digital campaign like the #FreeKodak hashtag showing nothing but support for his behaviour that involves assaulting an unnamed woman, removing her underwear, attacking her orally, and penetrating her.

6ix9ine, arguably the most famous of the new breed of mumble rap stars, who looks like a demented manga cartoon reject with rainbow teeth, has pleaded guilty to the “use of a child in a sexual performance”.

Meanwhile Lil Peep, another huge mumble rap star, recently died of an overdose of fentanyl (the only thing they share in common with mega stars, Prince and Michael Jackson, most definitely not the talent!) Prescription opiates are another staple ingredient of this scene’s lyrics which makes the fast growth of this movement even more terrifying.

The Black Plague Of Music Is An Example Of Technology Gone Wrong

Thanks to the viral nature of platforms like Soundcloud and Youtube, mumble rap stars now have an extremely powerful and cheap method for reaching their fans, who are primarily made up of young kids and teens. Bypassing the filters of more discerning and socially responsible record labels and radio stations, we now have an epidemic of delibrately bad music. Music is now easier and cheaper to make than ever thanks to software and the fact people like Drake, Niki Minaj and other stars of genres like grime made unintelligent beats devoid of music acceptable for release. These days the dumber the music the more popular it becomes in the mainstream it seems.

However this time instead of physically wiping out populations like the black plague did back in the 14th century, technology can now spread and actually breed new generations of people who may be more likely to become rapists, killers and addicts, but now on a potentially unprecedented scale.

Patricia Collins, the author of ‘From Black Power to Hip-Hop: Racism, Nationalism, and Feminism’, “Mass media created a seemingly authentic Black American culture that glamorized drugs, violence, and hypersexuality.” She also correctly states that hip hop has been converted into a multi-billion industry that has been turned to “generate cold, hard cash.”

Several studies now show that negative impact of rap music on youth culture relating to sexual abuse and drugs. One particular study by The Pacific Institute of Research and Evaluation researched 1,200 California community-college students (ages 15–25). The participants answered survey questions about their music-listening habits, use of alcohol and drugs, and aggressive behaviours like fighting. Clements concern regarding hip hop and drug use seems to be true because the study discovered that 70% of the students who listened to hip hop or rap music had connections with their substance use and aggressive behaviors.

Big Budgets Boosts Views and  Brainwashes For Bigger Bottom Lines!

An average mumble rap hit from someone like Trippie Redd can amount 30-50 million views in a relative short period of time, however a mega star like Drake has videos reaching more than a billion views! This was extremely alarming to witness and appeared at first to be a true measure of the popularity of this degenerate genre of music compared to other some what more positive genres of music to youth culture. A meditation music track for example will at most reach 1-2 million views, and the many benefits of meditation for youth culture are undeniable.

However a music industry insider explained that all is not what it seems. He explained that major record labels use paid advertising such as Youtube Promoted Videos as a way to simulate virility of a music track. When you watch a video on Youtube you often and annoyingly will see a short video advert that plays directly before the video you actually wanted to see. Most of the time you will shut this video down and not pay attention to it, however Youtube still classes this as a view!

This means record labels with massive budgets can work with platforms like Youtube to dramatically increase the number of views giving the false impression that it’s popular, when actually it isn’t. This helps the artist in several ways including their bottom line as they now appear to be famous. Mainstream culture follows a very obvious herd mentality and will rather go to see the concert of someone who is famous, or buy the clothes and merchandise of that person, even if the music is atrocious.

This is how you create a brand and make a lot of ‘cold hard cash’

FOFO (The Fear Of Feeling Out) – The Most Dangerous Epidemic Spreading Across The World.

FOFO (fear of feeling out) could be the reason for why something so apparently distasteful can become mainstream culture. After all music is one of the most cultural forming tools that exist, and this may be the reason why…

Back in the time of our tribal ancestors if you were rejected by the tribe it would mean no one would want your babies. Something as trivial as not being able to dance could end in rejection. If you were born a lighter or darker skin color than everyone else, such as an albino, or if you were much smaller or weaker than other members of the tribe you would most likely be excluded, and off on your own you would go.

Unless you were a real ‘renegade’ and managed to create your own competing tribe elsewhere, you would get outcasted, fail to pass on your genes, and would inevitably die a fast and painful death. The fear of this ever happening is perhaps the greatest fear of all and it still drives a lot of human behaviour to this day.

It seems we have moved on a lot since those tribal ancestral times, but has it really? The fear of feeling out or excluded is still a driving factor of a lot of human behaviour. The human need for belonging, connection and love is perhaps the greatest human need of all and is hardwired deep into the bio-survival circuit of the reptilian brain.

Just think back on your own life at how many things you did, decisions you made, events you did or did not attend, books you did or did not read, clothes you would wear or would never dream of wearing simply to fit into the culture you felt most attracted to. Marketing and advertising is all designed to create cultures within cultures, and to lose the deep seated fear of feeling out, to get you to the buy stuff that makes you feel more ‘in’.

Depression and anxiety is a serious epidemic around the world. A big reason for it is this growing movement towards becoming tribal cultures again. You may be at risk of depression if you feel you have been excluded by your current ‘tribe’ because for example you do not earn as much money anymore and you can’t afford to go to the same places as them, or perhaps you do not feel connected anymore to your workmates, peers, friends or even family. Perhaps you turned vegan, but they still eat meat, or you do yoga but they now think you are a weirdo for doing it and so on. Until you discover a new ‘tribe’ that makes you feel more ‘in’ then you may suffer from depression or anxiety, especially if it is your own family who are beginning to exclude you.


Music is one of the most powerful culture forming tools that has ever existed. Kids look up to music stars like their heroes. They want to act like them, dress like them, make as much money as them, take drugs like them, and treat women like them. This is the same for every genre of music, however it did not seem it could get worse than gangster rap, until the devolution of mumble rap.

At one time musicians and artists like The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Bob Dylan stood for something. Their music had a message, they spoke out against corruption and wanted to make a positive impact in the world. Where are all the role models gone? With the recent #Metoo campaign exposing pedophilia rings in the film and music industry, and the rise of popularity of new genres of music like mumble rap glamorizing rape and murder, we desperately need a revolution in music or else we are in grave danger.

Music is just like the ring in Lord Of The Rings. It gives great power but at the same time requires great responsibility. Thankfully there are underground artists who still make music for the love of the art, and there are more and more emerging artists who are real talents, with also a positive message for the world.

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Written by O.G.T

source: Renegade Pharmacist

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