About 40% Of Americans Think That Earth Is Less Than 10,000 Years Old

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Around 40% of the American population are creationists, that is they believe that God created the Earth and the modern human in the last 10,000 years. This was discovered in a Gallup poll, which would imply that four in ten Americans actually believe that Adam and Eve were real people, and Eve was created out of Adam’s Rib. Discarding the science behind the creation of life, almost half of the population of the most developed nation in the world believes that God guided the process of human evolution.

It can be assumed that this view has mostly been ensconced by religions, less educated, and older respondents who promote a young-Earth creationist view- which begets that life began just 6,000 years ago. 

The Creationists- And How They View Evolution

Although the basic percentage of people who are creationists hasn’t changed all that much over the last couple of decades, the very percentage of the population who believe that humans evolved without the presence of God has doubled, with the percentage of theists and God-guided evolutionaries decreasing steadily. In fact, people are more prone to the philosophy of existentialism, than they are to religious doctrines- courtesy of stone-cold scientific discoveries.

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And yet, we can still find a major portion of the American population consistently reporting high levels of belief in the supernatural. Almost 80% of Americans still believe in miracles, and 75% believe that Mary was a virgin who gave birth to Jesus, according to a Pew survey in 2013

Goes without saying, while most of the population do believe in scientific theories, there is still quite a big sect of creationists, who could do with some elementary science. For instance, a National Science Foundation Study back in 2014 discovered that only 75% of the population believed and understood why the Earth moved around the Sun and not the other way round. Also, a major percentage also didn’t have a clue that the core of Earth was excruciatingly hot. Large portions of the population also had no clue that the sex of the baby was determined by the sperm of the father. 

The Percentage of Creationists In Modern USA

In order to find out how many creationists still existed in the United States of America, Gallup randomly called up 1,028 landline and cellphone users and asked them if they believed in humans developing through the Darwinian model of evolution but with the help of God, or if humans had developed over millions of years through the Darwinian model of evolution without the presence of God, or if the Bible was the true scientific manifesto, and Noah did in fact make the ark and keep every single species of animal that we see today.

Around 42% of the population espoused the view of creationism, while 31% stated that God was definitely a major part of the evolutionary process. Only 19% believed that Darwin was correct in his evolutionary investigation. 

There should be no doubt that religious people and creationists go hand in hand, as close to 66% of those who attended weekly religious services espoused the notion of a young Earth- with an age of just 6,000 years, compared to 23% who never went to Church but said the same. Just over 25% of those with college degrees are real creationists, which can be compared with 57% of people who propounded the same theory, but just had a high-school education and nothing more. 

It wouldn’t go amiss to state that American creationists would find themselves at odds with the scientific consensus. Who knows, they might even find fossils of Dinosaurs as hokum?

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