Moscow Metro Offers Free Tickets If You Do 30 Squats

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By Mayukh Saha,

People in our generation find opportunities to work and be healthy at the same time; most corporate workplaces have attached gyms and awareness about physical health is at an all-time high.

Still thanks to some undefined ennui, people ease out of situations that require them to work hard.


As a result, a few things are quite strikingly common nowadays: joggers are becoming a rare sight, so are fit and healthy people.

Bad things like diabetes and obesity are becoming common.

Inactivity has made things worse, with pains and aches that one doesn’t even know how to describe.

Here are some easy exercises you can do to help yourself, if you experience pain related to inactivity.


Sit ups
One of the most deceptively simple and effective exercises that can rid people of most of the pains that arise with inactivity.

You stand, with your hands touching the back of your head.

Now literally sit down and stand up.


This simple but initially quite painful exercise gives you shapely glutes and your legs quite the jolt.


Google the position. It’s just staying in that position for a while. Initially, 20-30 seconds is great, but try and increase it to at least 2 mins.


Push ups
Again, deceptively simple, but very effective. Google the procedure. Start with 5 and increase to 25.

Or, if you live in Moscow and have forgotten your wallet on the way to work, take the metro.

Yes, you heard it right.


Moscow metro has installed a ticket vending machine which will make exercising a thing if you don’t want to pay for the ride.

Basically, it is an interactive vending machine, which measures 30 sit ups that you must do like a countdown and prints you a ticket.

This has become quite famous as a move on the part of the city of Moscow. One of the many passengers has even made a video and uploaded it on Facebook where a simple search using keywords will reveal it to you.

It has gone quite viral too.

It happened first in Vystavochaya Station, in 2013, a couple months before the Winter Olympics, which were to be held in the Sochi stadium.

Alexander Zhukov, President of the Russian Olympic committee was quoted to have said, “We wanted to show that the Olympic games are not just an international competition most people watch on TV every two years. They are about involving everyone in the sporting way of life.”

And besides, nothing there is nothing to lose. You go, squat 30 times in two minutes. If you are successful, you get one step closer to a better butt, shapely thighs and stronger legs besides getting a free ticket which costs close to a dollar.

You might also garner cheers from bystanders.

If not successful, well a walk of shame in a way, but also hopefully motivation to succeed the next time.

So what do you think?

Is it a good move?

If you were in Moscow, would you try it out?


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