The Effect Of Coronavirus On Tourism Is Sparking “Monkey Gang Wars” In The Streets Of Thailand

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

The pandemic of coronavirus has led to fights not only among humans but animals too. Recently, in the streets of Lopburi in Thailand gangs of monkeys were seen engaging in fights over food.

As the COVID-19 coronavirus holds the world to a standstill, the number of tourists has been declining throughout the world. The monkeys of Lopburi, who mainly depended on the tourists for food have been greatly affected by this. The video captured by Sasaluk Rattanachai shows hundreds of hungry monkeys chasing the only monkey from a rival gang who has managed to get a banana.

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One group resided in the temple area while the other group was from a different area of the city. Train tracks mark their territories and the groups avoid each other. But the scarcity of food had forced them to expand and look for ways to survive. When one got hold of a banana, others were furiously chasing it because all had been hungry for days.


Locals described the monkey as more of wild dogs. The residents live peacefully with the wild monkeys but this incident reminded them that the animals are ultimately wild and untamed. Their ferocity will be exposed when necessary.

Everyone understands how the lack of tourists means a lack of food for the monkeys who rarely venture into forests for food. They are now trying to help the primates with bits of food. In such difficult times, even the locals can’t be too generous with the animals, they have to stock up for their families too.

Thailand is not among the worst-hit areas but the novel coronavirus has affected 59 people in the country with one confirmed death.

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It is their neighbor China which is suffering the worst. Nearly a million people have been confirmed as infected and nearly 3000 innocent lives have been lost.

Since Thailand largely depends on the tourists from China, the coming days will be harsh for its economy. They are expecting a loss of over $1 billion.

All images: Sasaluk Rattanachai

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