Missing Page Of CIA’s Declassified Report On Astral Projection Reveals Fascinating Findings

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Anyone interested in mysteries would have their hands full with the missing page of the CIA’s declassified report. This report referred to as the “Analysis and Assessment of the Gateway Process”, had a page missing for the last 39 years.


In the summer of 2003, this report was finally declassified which allowed investigators to launch a formal investigation into its absence. Page 25 of the report was quite an integral part of the mind-blowing research that the military had conducted on the concepts of astral projection and other dimensions. And the loss of this important page was quite a big blow to the entire puzzle.

As it turns out, the page was found soon. This was simply mailed as an attachment to an individual who had been interested in writing articles pertaining to the Gateway Report for quite some time now. 

The Gateway Report- An Entry Into Astral Projection

This declassified information from the CIA talks about Simulation theory. The Gateway Report was created by Itzhak Bentov, an Israeli- American engineer in biomedicine all the way back in 1983. It also took in the services of Colonel Wayne M. McDonnell, a Lieutenant in the US Army. In 2003, this 28-page report was finally declassified by the CIA. While the document was released for everyone to peruse, the crucial page number 25 went missing- inciting a mass hunt for the paper.

Now, for those who are not really aware of what astral projection is, this is often considered to be one of those ‘out-of-body experiences. In these experiences, individuals “astrally project” their consciousness beyond just their physical body, they often can observe their body from the outside for example. What this implies is that we would be able to cross the space-time continuum with our consciousness into higher dimensions – while our physical form would still be on the Earthly plane. 

Some people who believe in the Simulation Theory consider the very notion of astral projection to be a form of simulation. They believe that the unique feeling we get sometimes could be our residue from a different reality altogether. This implies that our experiences and forays into higher dimensions leave imprints on our unconscious with memories of other places and times.

In this report from the CIA, Lt. McDonnell stated that his main goal was creating a valid and accurate model that would bring out the utility of the consciousness- while removing the prejudice and stigma that are usually associated with most out-of-body experiences. According to McDonnell, there could have been some practical applications for this particular practice- but this hasn’t been seen or recognized yet.  

Why Was The 25th Page So Important?

In The Gateway Report, McDonnell also talks about the dangers associated with it- especially if the military were to attempt it. One of the dangers associated with it would be the risk of encountering higher dimensional beings when one crossed the space-time barrier, turning humanity into coherent and non-corporeal forms of energy. The US Army, therefore, decided to follow through on the remote viewing missions by having the soldiers train their psychic abilities which could them a potential advantage on the battlefield. 

For anyone wanting to read the Gateway Report, it is quite a labyrinth that needs a deeper understanding of theoretical physics- along with a dash of spirituality. For close to 24 pages, the author speaks about several frames of reference which are transcendental meditation, hypnosis, spiritual systems for belief, quantum physics, biofeedback, and universal holograms. On page 24, one can almost taste the epiphany that McDonnell is experiencing as he writes of a full existential crescendo- only for it to reach page 26. After speaking at length about the frames of reference that could help reveal the secrets of the higher dimensions, it is quite a letdown on page 26 where he speaks about a set of “Motivational Aspects”. After all, there would have to be a legitimate reason behind the CIA employing this procedure as opposed to several other ways of reaching astral projection. 

What Exactly Is In That Page?

Here is the missing page:

astral projection

The 25th page of the Gateway Report opens up with the word ‘Absolute’. While there could be several interpretive explanations as to why this particular word, one can’t deny that it did set up the mood of the entire text by sitting authoritatively- governing the entire page henceforth. If one were to look at this word from a broader perspective, this term could definitely be applied to quantum physics as well as a spiritual belief system. Nevertheless, the term ‘absolute’, is absolutely necessary and important. As this report claims, the Absolute is absolutely important as the governing energy of the entire Universe. For Lt. McDonnell, it was the powerhouse behind the universal hologram that was present for all eternity. This report also makes several attempts in order to visualize this hologram or the cosmic egg as nothing more than a constantly flowing spiral that is quite huge in stature.

Before it was found out, page 25 of the Gateway Report was similar to a CODEX of the ancient ages. There were quite a few FOIA requests that had been filed looking for the release of this page. In every single instance, the CIA completely denounced that they even had it in the first place. This led to a rise of government transparency activists, conspiracy theorists, and even interested parties- who had read the entire report and were quite irritated with the missing piece of the puzzle. One theory on the Internet that gained some major traction was that Lt. McDonnell had himself erased that page. So if one did project themselves astrally, they should be able to tell him what was there on it. 

One might have to step a little into physics here- as physicists define time as the very measurement of energy that is constantly in motion. In this particular way, the motion to occur should be limited inside a larger vibratory pattern. One can also find the framework solely limited- which is also contained at a highly specific location. This confinement does make it quite distinguishable from any other spatial location in outer space. For those wondering, any force which doesn’t seem to have a limit is always uncontained energy. One simply needs to imagine entirely formless energy that is speeding through one’s Galaxy without any friction to take care of it. And since there is no particular location to pinpoint the existence of this energy, it is everywhere- and hence, this is the “Absolute”.

The concept of the spiral, according to McDonnell, is present in most religions throughout the world. He also goes on to cite the many examples of the Holy Spirit of Christianity, the labyrinth in the Hellenic world, the Tree of Life in Hebrew, and the Spiral through the Four Powers in Chinese culture. It wouldn’t go amiss to state that most of the systems around the world have picked up on this form of thinking throughout their history. The distinction that one needs to focus on between religion and physics, is how this particular conclusion was reached. The breakthroughs in Physics and the theologies of religious thinkers when it came to the Absolute are what differentiate the two streams of thought. Whereas physics- being a science- deals with quantitative research, religion moves towards intuition. 

The last point that this particular page brings out is quite a slant toward the adherents of modern psychology. The Absolute- which is also the Universe, is simply unreachable and irrelevant- unless we have the knowledge of ourselves, inside and out.

The Gateway Report Was More Than A CIA Experiment

The Gateway Report wasn’t just the intellectual property of the CIA, as it leaned heavily on the teachings of Robert Monroe- the founder of the ‘Monroe Institute’. This information seems even more vital when we realize that the Institute had the 25th page with them all this time. People had been clamoring for the CIA to bring it out, but no one ever thought about asking the Monroe Institute for the piece of paper. Interestingly, the 25th page had also been left untouched and uninvestigated over the years- for how much would it be useful without the rest of the material? 

As it turns out, the Monroe Institute didn’t want to part with the missing page of the Gateway Report because they had some form of leverage. They wanted to capitalize on the gains from this mission information. But later, they decided to send it in after having a major shakedown in the hierarchical structure- with both the COO and the CEO being fired from the company. 

It might seem like jargon, and perhaps it is just the talk of a crazy person. Or maybe, we know too little to understand what the author is actually talking about. However, why was it hidden for so long if it is really just worthless drabble? Perhaps you can figure out more if you read the complete papers here.

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