Microchip Implant Allowed Truck Driver To Reunite With Lost Cat After Being Separated By 1,400 Miles

lost cat reunited

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Truck driver Matthew got emotional after he reunited with his long-lost cat Ashes, found a long way from home. A microchip implanted in him earlier helped his rescuers find him.

It is not uncommon to find emotional stories on the bond shared between humans and their pet companions. The trust, loyalty, and heartfelt love shared between them make for unbreakable bonds for a lifetime. The story of this duo is also one of a kind.

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Matthew, a Texas trucker, always traveled with his travel buddy Ashes. On his long routes, he was always accompanied by his 3-year-old furry friend. They enjoyed their trucking life together. We mostly find stories of such companionship about humans and dogs. However, for Matthew, his gray-colored cat, Ashes became a significant aspect of his life.

lost cat reunited

Last year in July, when Matthew was passing through Springfield, Ohio, his cat mate slipped out of his truck in one of the stops and ran to hide in the bushes. Matthew searched for his lost cat, but in vain. He had to get back on the road but was devastated at the incident that left him without his road mate. Over the next few months, Matthew had rerouted his trips several times to get back to the exact spot where his feline friend went missing, hoping to be reunited with his lost cat.

After three months of no updates on Ashes, Kimberley and another animal lover detected Matthew’s lost cat out in the freezing cold. The cat was reportedly struggling to keep his paws on the snow-filled ground.

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Both of them searched the grounds and the nearby area to check whether the cat belonged to someone in the area. Soon after, the lost cat was driven to Lollypop Farm. Ashes was rescued. The Admissions Team scanned him for a microchip as is the general procedure when any rescue animal is brought to the shelter. Thankfully, Ashes was microchipped, and the information gathered from the chip surprised the staff. The lost cat was no ordinary cat. He had traveled a long distance and was almost 1,465 miles away from home. The registered address of his owner was multiple states away in Texas. “This was one cross-country kitty,” said the rescue staff at Lollypop Farm.

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The next phase was the reunion. Matthew couldn’t stop his tears after he was reunited with his long-lost cat buddy. He called the incident a Christmas miracle. Lollypop Farm posted on Instagram about the recent reunion of this Texas trucker with his travel buddy. Social media reactions to the incident have been overwhelming since the reunion of the duo.

The unique reunion made possible by a microchip has won many hearts since then.

Images: Lollypop Farm

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