Meet Mike Millen: 65 Year Old Fitness Freak


By Mayuk Saha

We come across stories everyday but only a few stay with us and have the ability to make us think, reflect and change us as people. We are all so caught up in the rat race of our lives that we forget to look after ourselves and then one fine day, we just assume that we are too old for new beginnings.
The story of Mike Millen will help you change this view.
Mike Millen used to run marathons but after a while, he saw that only running was making his arms weak and at one point, he found that he barely had any strength in them. This nudged him to change his workout routine and then he started off with a new type of workout, one that included calisthenics. He decided to change things from then on.

As he began, he found that it was the most fun that he had ever had and has not looked back since. His friends and family said that he had become obsessed but they did not know how much it was calming him down and how much peace it gave him. This routine made him a fun loving person and he was way less grumpy than he used to be. Mike tries out new things every week to keep things fresh and steers clear of any supplements, protein shakes or other things of the like.
Today, he is stronger than almost everyone his age and is stronger than most people way younger!
As I said, he keeps it fun, which means that he changes his routine all the time. On Mondays, he focuses on the upper part of his torso, like his arms and back and on Tuesdays he runs. Wednesdays are for his core, which means a lot of cardio and for Thursdays, he keeps his legs.
Did I tell you he also climbs? Yes, on Fridays.
Saturdays are a repeat on Monday and on Sundays, he works out with his friends.
If you think that he is irresponsible and does not give himself any rest, you are mistaken. He takes break days whenever he needs to, because he is dead against over exertion. He also has regard for his age so he always makes sure his joints aren’t over pressured and he tries to maintain his agility all the time.
Mike says what keeps him going is his positivity and the fact that he is so dedicated to being active all the time. He says that if you are positive, half the battle is won then and there.
If you ask me, this is the kind of motivation all of need to just go out there and live our best lives- by taking care of ourselves and treating our bodies like they should be treated. Go use the gym membership that you took when you made that New Year resolution and let nothing stop you! The sky is your limit.

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