Meet The Indigenous Heyoka: The Most Powerful Type Of Empath

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BLuke Miller Truth Theory

Empaths are those who have a heightened sense of feelings and are energetically sensitive to people around them. For this reason empaths who cannot find a way to cope with this level of energy from others often find themselves isolated from others and appear to be shy or closed off.

Empaths generally have a good feel for body language and the energetic unspoken language that most people often don’t notice (some may say psychic). This is why it can be a struggle to be in overcrowded and high energy environments as they take in the energy of those around them.

Those that manage to get a grip on their empathetic gift can hold a significant place in society and a specific group of these empaths are known as by the indigenous tribes as Heyoka’s.

The Heyoka’s (an Indigenous American term) are mirrors of those who spend time with them, reflecting the emotions of their peers back to them. Heyoka translates to ‘sacred clown’ or ‘fool’ this is similar to the “enlightened fool” card from the tarot deck- who fully realises him/herself through what appears to other as foolishness. When in reality they are a lot more tuned in than they appear. Heyoka’s reveal our intolerances for others, shortcomings and weaknesses. They reflect our flaws by drawing them out of us and guide us to the development of these faults.

Often people look at those who appear foolish with pity, but those with eyes to see realise the Heyoka is truly free as they embrace their perceived foolishness. This disruption to the spiritual narrative of intellect and higher states is not a bad thing. They help those around them by reflecting their flaws to them. You will often walk away from the company of a Heyoka feeling distressed, irritated and/or angry due to their often overpowering and (perceived) negative personality, but this only pushes your buttons as it is highlighting a piece of yourself.

Interactions with a Heyoka will not always be an irritating experience, you can leave their presence filled with a sense of love. Sometimes we lack this sense of self-love and the Heyoka often picks up on this again mirroring your potential. This is not always a conscious choice on behalf of the Heyoka, but they usually have an intuitive feel for these kind of things.

They often switch up their behavior in an unpredictable way which can leave you feeling annoyed, don’t run from this or reject them, they are genuinely trying to help, but do so in an unconventional way. There are many Heyoka’s who truly understand what they are doing, but in a sense we meet Heyoka’s everyday- when someone pushes your buttons, upsets or irritates you- they are just reflecting a realised or unrealised part of your personality. Sometimes the lessons we need most are the mors uncomfortable, so don’t shy away from the Heyoka’s in your life! Please share this article with those you love.

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