Meet Carolina Sevilla, The Woman Inspiring People To Clean Up The World’s Beaches


By Fattima Mahdi Truth Theory

After spending almost 10 years working as a diplomat in New York, Carolina Sevilla shifted her focus and made the decision to live a simpler life. She now lives in a little treehouse in Costa Rica and inspires people all over the world to help clean beaches.

Her treehouse is situated on the beach, “It has the minimum of things that you need, and it shows that you need very very less in life. You don’t need much to be happy” she says.

Carolina now works for a New York-based company called Bionic Yarn. She acts as the company’s liaison with local organisations in Latin America, such as Nicoya Peninsula Waterkeeper, as well as coastal communities to recover ocean plastic. Bionic Yarn then upcycle the recovered plastics, turning them into fabric for fashion, they have collaborated with brands including H&M, Gap and G-Star.

Carolina has also started her own initiative, 5minutebeachcleanup, which focuses on creating awareness about the responsibility we all have to ensure that our ocean shores are trash-free.“Ocean trash is a serious pollution problem that affects the health of people, wildlife and local economies. Trash in the water and on the shore can kill marine animals, injure swimmers and beachgoers, and ensnare boat propellers.” – reads the About page on Facebook.

“For me it’s everything. I have no children and I am over 40 years old, this is my baby. It’s such a great joy to be able to communicate to the world that soon we’ll start to see that the collection of a clothing brand or Porsche car seats will be made with the plastic we take off the beaches of Costa Rica,” Carolina said.

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