Meditation Instead Of Detention Might Be The Best Way Forward For Our Education System

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

A constant argument against our education system is that it is archaic. The methods used in most public schools have not been changed since before we can remember. In this light, some public school’s decision to take up meditation over detention is a nice change of air. 

Several schools in Pittsburgh have recently joined the growing modern education system by opting for meditation over detention. Many forward-thinking educators have voiced their opinions against detention as it mentally frustrates a student. 

Mindfulness Encouraged In A New School System

Strict school rules and heavy homework can be stressful for children, especially kids who come from unsettled homes. In that environment, giving that kid detention will only lead to further harm. It can affect the kid’s self-confidence and make him/her act out in undesirable ways. 

North Allegheny Superintendent, Robert Scherrer, said that the school is bringing mindfulness and teaching de-stressing methods to kids so that they can learn to cope with school stress. 

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It has been often noted that American schools can be much more stressful because of the frequent mass shooting incidents. Due to school shootings, public schools have enforced strict security and lockdown drills, which can lead to heightened tensions. Meditation over detention will definitely bring a wave of a fresh change in the student’s mindset. 

Pittsburg is not the only city whose schools are practicing this new technique. Many schools in San Francisco have successfully implemented this new mindful system. 

Public Schools Experienced The Benefits Of Meditation Over Detention

In an interview with NBC, Barry O’Driscoll, athletic director in a San Francisco school, admitted that he was skeptical about the new system at first. But after introducing the ‘Quiet Time’ for four years, the school saw a tremendous decrease in suspensions by 79 percent. Meanwhile, the overall attendance percentage went up by 98.3 percent, and the overall GPA too went up by 4 percent. 

Another school that’s experienced the success of this new system is Burton High. The principal of the school, Bill Kappenhaggen, boasts of a decrease of 75 percent in student suspensions. Not only that, but the school has also bumped itself up to the upper-middle level of the academic ladder in California. The school, earlier infamous for infighting, was at the bottom of the ladder before they opted for meditation over detention. 

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A student commented that meditating makes her aware of her actions. Another student said that this mindful practice helps him calm down. 

When asked if meditating could bring down the cases of violence outside of school, Kappenhaggen replied that it might not. He added that the practice will help the students cope with violence, trauma, and stress in a better way. 

Besides, one of the main reasons for teenagers acting out is because they often get confused with the way this world works. Meditating will help them be aware of their emotions and the energies around them. And this is much better than airing one’s anger through detention. 

The world, and the school system, need to realize that meditation over detention is the way forward. 

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