McDonald’s Had To Apologize A While Ago After A Customer Found “Human Teeth Fragments” In His McMuffin

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

As bizarre as 2020 seems, one incident from 2018 made it another unforgettable year. 2 years back, when social distancing was not really a thing, one person in Japan went to his local MacD for a bite. When he ordered his sausage egg McMuffin, he was left speechless. His order came with fragments of human teeth!

The fast-food giant had told local Japanese media that they would look into the matter and locate where in the supply chain these foreign bits entered the food. While the person received a refund for his inedible food, it is truly astonishing how those fragments of human teeth even ended up in the patty in the first place.

This inquiry went all the way back to the States since the meat of the Muffin was processed in the USA. The fragments of human teeth in the Muffin were sent for analysis. A spokesperson for McDonald’s told The Sun Online how food safety and quality was their top priority. They claimed how this one was an isolated incident and the local McDonald’s team would seek the cooperation of the customer to carry out the investigation.

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When the images of the fragments of human teeth went viral on social media platforms, many viewers commented on how tedious the process of identifying the source can be. They would have to check the dental records of every person on the McDonald’s processing line. But finding alien (and inedible) objects in fast food items is becoming rather common, sadly. 

A real tooth for comparison. 

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In the same year, a teen found a dead bug in his McDonald’s burger. Another Australian man made the claim of finding a safety pin and hair in his KFC chicken. Another giant, Burger King had been accused in 2018 as well of serving one customer food crawling with maggots.

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