Massachusetts Couple Adopts Three Biological Brothers So They Can Grow Up Together

Massachusetts couple with 3 sons

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

A Massachusetts couple of 5 years, Lena Currie and KC, adopted an 18-month old, Joey. It was 2017 when they met the toddler and they immediately found him to be the right one for them. The event where the fateful meeting occurred was organized by a non-profit organization called Children’s Friend. The couple only saw a picture of the toddler and they were immediately hooked. There were some amazing recommendations about Joey and so, they adopted him. It was just a year after the couple was wedded.

When their new foster son entered their lives, the couple was slowly entering the phase of parenthood. But within a few days, they got another call from the same organization. Joey had another brother who was looking for a family. It was astounding that the same organization had the brother of Joey. KC and Lena decided to bring Joey’s brother home too. Within a few days, Noah came into their lives – the 6-week-old brother of Joey.

The couple learned that Joey was actually a family of 3 brothers. They had two of them under their roof, though the third brother, Logan, was already adopted by another family. However, as luck would have it, the agreement with the family fell apart. Logan, the brother of Joey, was in the organization and they were looking for a foster parent for him. 

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Lena and KC did not waste any time – they needed to reunite the two brothers with the third. They immediately adopted Logan too within a month of adopting Noah. It was a gut feeling – and they went by their instincts. 

This Massachusetts couple knew that foster children go through a terrible phase when they learn that they are adopted. As a result, the couple had decided to bring the brothers close to each other and make them settle down under one roof. The result – they have one another to lean on when they grow up and start asking questions. They will know that they are family too.

On November 23 or the National Adoption Day, Noah and Logan were formally adopted by Lena and KC as their children. The two moms are delighted. Joey has started to speak too and he often says, Momma or Mama. Well, Lena believes that one day he will settle on one of them. For KC – the children are not adopted at all – they are family.

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Veronica Listerud, the director of the family services organization, Children’s Friend, praised the Massachusetts couple and mentions that the couple knows what is right for the children. They are flexible and hence, they were able to understand how important sibling relationships are in the long run.


Lena and KC are very excited about their sons. However, they are not just getting into dancing and celebration now. The Massachusetts couple is currently worried about their grade school and sports.

Featured image: Lena Currie

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