Masked Music Producer Handing Out Free Weed And Quarantine Essentials Packages

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By John Vibes / Truth Theory

As everyone in the UK is on lockdown, the Manchester-based music producer and activist OUTLAW has been traveling around giving away free cannabis, along with toilet paper and other items that are in high demand during the pandemic. This isn’t the first time that he has pulled this kind of charitable stunt.

Last December he was detained by police after he was seen giving away Christmas cards with cash to homeless people while having his face covered with a mask. Then, last summer, he held a banner in a busy city center with the words “FREE BUD,” and gave away cannabis to anyone passing by who wanted a bag.

In a recent interview with Vice, the OUTLAW said that he had a surplus of weed because he had a tour planned for the month of April where he intended to give away bags to fans for free. The pandemic and subsequent lockdowns canceled those plans, so he has dedicated his stash to others, and is also making deliveries of essential items as well.

“I just put it on my Instagram, asking, “Does anyone need anything?” and got fucking loads of requests suggesting vulnerable people. So we had all their postcodes in a map and we went around seeing all them. On the way, people spot me and know that we give out weed – so I had some bud there if anyone wanted any,” the OUTLAW told Vice.

He says that much of the weed that he gives away is grown himself, so that is the cheapest part of his operation, but some of the other charitable contributions can get expensive. OUTLAW also says that he is always running into trouble with the police.

Yeah, yeah – [laughs] loads of times. I don’t know how much I can say without my solicitor… but, yeah, it’s like a cat and mouse type of thing. We’re not doing anything that’s harming anyone, though, and that’s key – that’s the main thing that they focus on,” he said.

In a video posted to his Instagram account, OUTLAW is seen driving around town in a van preparing care packages for people. In the post, he says that the packages contain toilet paper, weed, bottled water, hand sanitizer, and other essentials.

On the side of his van, there is a banner that reads “Free Isolation Essentials: Toilet Roll, Sanitiser, Bottled Water, Grinders, Bud.” He also plays loud music out of the vehicle as he is driving down the street.

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