Man Spends Life Adopting Aged Dogs Who Can’t Find Forever Homes


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

When Steve Greig’s much-loved dog died, he couldn’t believe that he would ever get back to a normal life. Yet, after some time, he decided to give another try at petting a dog. But he didn’t want to get back at it from scratch, so Steve went to the nearest shelter for dog adoption in Denver, Colorado where he lives, and adopted the oldest dog that was there. His reasoning was that old dogs are always overlooked in favor of new puppies. Now, he has around 10 dogs and spends his day pampering them.

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His routine is fixed- wake up at 5 am, make a completely different breakfast for every dog, take them for walks, schedule appointments at the vet. And most importantly, cuddles and pats! He mentions how he would always be surrounded by at least 3 to 4 dogs at all times, waiting for a hug. 

Greig says how his parents were animal lovers as well and he grew up with multiple pets. This probably helps him tackle the needs of all the different animals he houses.

Greig believes the dogs to be hugely insightful of their own selves. He thinks that comes from old age, when it is easier to bond with another human, for they know of their own identity. He finds satisfaction knowing that the dogs are well-cared for and he plays his part in it.

His pets don’t stop there. He has two ducks, cats, pigeons, chickens, and a pig referred to as ‘Bikini’. Although he doesn’t have space in his house for another pet, he wouldn’t really stop adopting more. 

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