Man Nursed An Abandoned Dog Back To Health After It Was Barely Hanging On

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By John Vibes / Truth Theory

A man from Bali named Rico Soegiarto found a malnourished abandoned dog on the streets less than a year ago, and was luckily able to help the animal become healthy again after bringing her home and taking care of her.

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Rico found his new friend about ten months ago, and it was hard for him to even tell what the breed of the dog was because it was in such bad condition. Rico ultimately learned that the dog was a husky, once it finally regained its health, but it was very hard to tell in the early days of her recovery.

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Rico said that the poor animal was covered in sores and that there were bones poking through her skin when he found her. She has spent the last ten months living with Rico, who has given her the fitting name of “hope.”


Rico says that he is not exactly sure what was special about her, because there are many abandoned dogs on the streets of Bali, but for some reason, he felt an instant connection with the animal.


Luckily, Hope was able to make a full recovery, and does not show any signs of the trauma that she must have endured on the streets. In fact, the dog is extremely sociable, especially considering the circumstances that she was found in.


Now that Hope is healthy again, it is very easy to tell that she is a husky. Rico was very excited about the transformation that he watched hope go through, and posted pictures on his Facebook page showing what she looked like before and after finding a home.

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The comments were filled with praise for Rico’s good deed, including one of the top comments that said, “Sir, you deserve a medal,” and another that said, “Amazing job! Your dog is absolutely beautiful.”


Photos: Facebook/Rico Soegiarto

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