Malaysian Man Says He Found Monkey Selfies On His Phone

Monkey Malaysia Selfie

By Anthony McLennan / Truth Theory

Zackrydz Rodzi claims to have found monkey selfies on his cellphone after recovering it from the jungle in Malaysia.

Rodzi is a 20-year-old computer science student. It remains unclear how the phone ended up in the jungle in the first place.

According to the student, there was no previous history of thieving monkeys in the area.

Rodzi believes the phone was taken some time after he went to sleep on Friday night and when he awoke at 11am on Saturday morning. He thinks it’s possible the primate entered through his brother’s open window.

Although with no obvious sign of a break in, he initially thought ‘some kind of sorcery’ had taken place.

The phone remained missing until Sunday afternoon, when his father spotted a monkey near the house.

He then called his phone again and found it in the jungle behind the house, lying on some leaves.

And then after his uncle jokingly suggested there might be a picture of the thief on the phone, Rodzi made the remarkable discovery.

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More monkey photographers

Upon opening the photo gallery, he found several photos of a monkey as well as the surrounding jungle foliage.

This is not the first documented case of primate selfies. A previous instance occurred in the Indonesian jungle in 2011, when a monkey picked up a camera owned by David Slater and snapped some selfies.

Controversy ensued after animal rights charity Peta claimed the animal should benefit from any royalties as it was the one to capture the pictures.

Eventually after a two year battle, a US court ruled in Mr Slater’s favor. He agreed however to donate a quarter of any future revenue from the image to charities protecting Naruto and similar macaques monkeys in Indonesia.

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Image credit: Zackrydz Rodzi

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