Majority of Women Are Happier Being Single According To This Report, Here Is Why

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

This is the 21st Century and a woman’s romantic status does not define that all. Women do not feel insecure if they are single and, hence, have the ability to focus on their life goals without any obstacles. For most, this has represented independence.

Mintel had shared a new report where 61% of British women were satisfied with being single compared to the 49% of men in a similar position.

The survey also showed us that 75% of single women had not searched for a new relationship in the past year compared to 65% of single men.


This difference was wider in the range from 45 to 65-year-old participants, where 32% of women were happy to remain single. Only 19% of males felt the same.

This stark difference can be attributed to the fact that women have to work harder when they are in a relationship.

Dr. Grundy Shares Her Perspective About Women Being Happier Without A Partner

Dr. Emily Grundy, who works at the University of Essex, explained that females have to put in more effort in a relationship than men, so having a relationship amounts to loads of work and stress.

“There’s evidence that women spend longer on domestic tasks than men and I think they also do more emotional work – so they still do more housework and cooking and things as well as more emotional labor,” Grundy told The Telegraph.


Grundy also shared that men usually rely on their partners while women incline toward close friends and social circles.

“Certainly, there’s a common finding from a lot of studies that women who don’t have a partner tend to do more social activities and [have] more friends,” she added.

Professor Bella DePaulo, who works as a social scientist at the University of California shared her experiments and dubbed them “single studies”. She investigated how people are affected while being single and how others perceive and react to singletons.

“I found there are such huge benefits to staying single,” DePaulo shared.

“Women, especially, are more likely to enjoy solitude than men are. Single women find being alone is a wonderful time for restoration, creativity, and personal growth. And there are so many more opportunities to create the life you want, such as traveling, following your passions, and doing meaningful work.”

Marketing executive Helen Patterson, 44, has been single for 10 years and describes life as “simpler than ever”. “I was 8 years old when I first heard the word ‘spinster’,” she remembers. “I said to my mum, ‘That’s what I want to be when I grow up.’ And nothing’s changed!”

However, she says this doesn’t mean she can’t enjoy the romantic company. “My friend and I came up with the phrase ‘casual monogamy’,” she explains. “It’s like, I don’t want to meet your parents or move in with you, but I’m happy to hang out with you and have lots of hot sex with you and only you. Sadly, this concept seems to be rather exclusive to me and my friends!”

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